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Shiba Inu Developers Reveal Next And Final Step Before Shibarium Beta Launch


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Developers reveal the next step toward the Shibarium Beta launch even as the launch date remains a mystery.

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In a tweet yesterday, Shiba Inu influencer SHIB BPP (@SHIB BPP) shared a Discord message from Shiba Inu developer Trophias hinting at the next and potentially the final step before the Shibarium beta launch.

According to Trophias, all that is left to do before the beta launch is to release the documentation.

“first was the website, then docs, then beta, from what I know,” the developer wrote in the shared message.

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Shib BPP appeared to confirm this by sharing a message from Shytoshi Kusama in a follow-up tweet. According to Kusama, he is just adding some finishing touches, followed by the organization and release of documents, after which the project will launch.

“I’m just putting a nice bow on it so we can reach those outside the army and then there is a lot of docs to organize and put up and then VOILA,” Kusama wrote.

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It bears mentioning that developers have teased the launch of the Layer 2 solution for over a year. While it was most recently scheduled to launch in September, developers asserted that technical issues had caused a delay. At press time, the team is yet to release a launch date, much to the chagrin of the Shiba Inu community, many of whom have grown tired of waiting. 

Notably, developers have already taken the proverbial first step toward the Shibarium beta launch with the update of the Shiba Inu website, which kicked off on Sunday. 

Meanwhile, according to a recent report, Kusama has clarified that the project will not be launching during the holidays. Instead, he has urged community members to spend this time with family, asserting once more that it will launch soon.

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