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Ripple Releases Video About Crypto Role in Transforming Global Finance


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Silicon Valley blockchain company Ripple has released a new promotional video about its role in transforming finance.

The 30-second video uploaded recently on YouTube shows many corporate workers walking around a circled staircase.

“Finance is always moving. But is it really moving forward? Or is it stuck in the same old cycle?” The voiceover noted.


While the corporate workers were still moving around the circled stairs (traditional fiance), one of the ladies halted for a few seconds and walked out of the circle into a new era (crypto) as a result some people in the video immediately followed in her footsteps to the new finance world.

The voiceover added that crypto solutions are transforming finance. It added that emerging technology has contributed to making finance faster and more efficient than expected.

“[crypto is] moving us all into a dynamic era […] Ripple, crypto means business,” the voiceover added.

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Ripple Opposes Traditional Financial Systems

The video is part of an effort made by the leading blockchain company to oppose the existing traditional financial system, which many believe has remained stagnant for decades. Ripple noted in the video description that the time has come for the world to develop a more efficient, dynamic, and transparent financial system.

The Silicon Valley tech company added that its cryptocurrency solutions could empower innovative finance leaders to drive business advantage.

It bears mentioning that Ripple is among the leading cryptocurrency companies focused on transforming the global financial industry using cryptocurrency solutions. Ripple’s main focus is offering payment and remittance services.

With Ripple’s enterprise-grade crypto solutions, businesses can facilitate instant payments, empower their treasury, engage new audiences, and bolster their revenues. Over its 12 years of existence, Ripple has developed various financial products, including RippleNet.

RippleNet is one of Ripple’s financial products that utilizes blockchain technology to provide global financial institutions with the ability to move funds seamlessly. The crypto solution eliminates the need for businesses to pre-fund accounts with on-demand liquidity (ODL), a service that utilizes XRP as a bridge currency for cross-border settlements.

Notably, transactions made through RippleNet are recorded on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). RippleNet supports over 55 countries and has paired with more than 120 fiat currencies, thus helping businesses in different parts of the world to send payments to one another easily.

Since launching in 2012, several financial institutions, including SBI, Nium, SentBe, Novatti, DeeMoney, etc., have leveraged Ripple’s crypto solutions in order to enhance their operations.

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