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TU Experts Found The Best Prop Trading Firm For Novices


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Prop trading has grown pretty popular lately. There are many companies that offer traders free money for management in exchange for a share of their profits, and this mechanism can be really beneficial if you can remain profitable in the long term. However, you should choose such a company wisely since every one of them has its own trading conditions, additional features, and educational options. To help you make a rational choice, the Traders Union team has analyzed the prop trading market and found what seems like the best option for beginners.

Crucial features

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Every broker has several crucial features that define it: security, trading terms and instruments, bonus options, withdrawals conditions, and so on. However, prop trading platforms should also have decent educational programs to be really useful: this way, you can learn the basics and then pass an exam to become a funded trader. That’s why the experts have paid close attention to this aspect and found an impressive company that can be used as a good entry point for starters: it’s the US-based educational platform known as Earn 2 Trade.

About the platform

The platform is actually not a trading company: instead, it provides you with high-quality education on the basics of futures trading. Once you finish your training and prove that you’re a promising trader, it can subscribe you to one of its partners with up to $200,000 in funding. The educational program this company uses is approved by National Futures Association (NFA) and considered one of the best on the market. You can finish the basic training in just a week, but there’s also a more detailed course for 3 to 6 weeks. All you need to start learning is pay a $90 subscription fee.

Trading conditions

Earn2Trade is arguably the best prop trading firm that allows you to trade with convenient conditions: you get access to the world’s leading derivatives markets, and there’s a wide choice of various types of accounts. However, there’s no leverage allowed, the company sets a limit on the number of trades you can make, and the fee structure is somewhat complicated. But the withdrawals here are reliable, and the minimum amount you can take is just $100. You get to keep 80% of your profits, so you will definitely have enough money to withdraw frequently. All in all, this platform is a perfect option for a novice trader who wants to learn how to trade futures and get a lot of practice.

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