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Senator Elizabeth Warren Praises SEC Chairman For “Putting Crypto Genie Back in Bottle”


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Senator Warren commends Gary Gensler for his efforts at regulating the crypto industry.

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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has praised Gary Gensler’s effort to regulate the crypto industry. Warren called on parliament to offer the SEC chief all necessary support to sustain the momentum of tough policing for the crypto industry.

Gensler’s tenure is known for intensified monitoring of the crypto industry participants. Gensler initiated stricter measures and regulations by enforcement for the crypto industry.

Warren believes that the SEC chief has made achievements in sanitizing the crypto space. She commended him for “putting the genie back in the bottle and bringing the crypto ecosystem into regulatory compliance.”

The lawmaker compared the current state of the SEC with the situation during Donald Trump’s time as the President of the U.S. According to Warren, Trump’s administration allowed the industry to explode. She believes Gensler has gone a long way in cleaning up the industry and protecting investors from crypto products.

She also believes that Gensler has created a strong SEC that scares off offenders.

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