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IOG Moves Toward Cardano and Cosmos Interoperability With World Mobile Partnership


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World Mobile will integrate its permissioned blockchain built with Tendermint as a Cardano sidechain.

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World Mobile has announced that it will take advantage of Input Output Global’s recently revealed sidechain toolkit to integrate its permissioned chain built using Cosmos’ Tendermint as a Cardano sidechain.

The World Mobile team revealed this in a tweet yesterday. Per the accompanying blog post, it would open a world of possibilities for interoperability between the Cardano chain and Cosmos as it will connect a solution built using Cosmos’ Software Developer Kit (SDK) with the Cardano mainnet.

“Interoperability—a family of sidechains—has been an integral part of Cardano’s scalability since the beginning,” IOG chief technology officer Romain Pellerin said. “By working with World Mobile toward integrating with Tendermint, Cardano facilitates greater inclusion in the internet of blockchains.”

The team wrote that the World Mobile sidechain would enable it to comply with telecommunication industry standards while using Cardano as a settlement layer. Notably, World Mobile says that this dichotomy will allow it to separate public and private data in a scalable manner.

For context, World Mobile is a mobile network built on the blockchain to provide internet access to remote areas. Users can run a node to connect their local community to the internet and earn World Mobile Token rewards. It was initially a Cardano project.

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The integration of World Mobile’s chain as a sidechain represents Cardano’s latest push toward interoperability as part of its scalability goal and path to becoming the internet of blockchains. As recently reported, Cardano, in its Protocol Version 8 upgrade, will add support for SECP256k1, the elliptic curve used in securing blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Consequently, the Cardano network will be able to communicate with these chains in the future.

Meanwhile, Cardano boasts a growing list of sidechains. Most recently, it announced Midnight, a data protection-focused blockchain that allows users to share sensitive information.

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