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Hoskinson Indirectly Calls CoinDesk Staff “High School” Kids, Dogecoin Co-Founder Reacts


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Cardano founder slams CoinDesk staff.

Prominent cryptocurrency entrepreneur Charles Hoskinson has reacted to a trending video of CoinDesk staff making jest of Cardano following its recent network outage. In the video, Wendy O, the co-host of CoinDesk’s The Hash series, asked three other staff of the crypto media outlet whether Cardano is a centralized project, especially as the community has nobody has an idea about what caused the brief network outage. 

“Is this a centralized project? Considering that it went down and nobody knows why it went down, but it kinda went down, and it was a big drama,” Wendy O remarked in the video. 

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Wendy O’s comments about Cardano’s node outage seemed hilarious to the crew as they laughed throughout the session. In response to Wendy’s question, CoinDesk’s contributing editor-at-large Zack Seward said he is more focused on Hoskinson’s comment about acquiring CoinDesk.

“Thank you for your question Wendy, but I will not be answering it directly at this time. I want to talk about Charles Hoskinson saying he could buy CoinDesk if he wanted to at $200 million because he is rich,” Seward said as other people on the show laughed harder. 

He added that Cardano is still “doing its thing” and has a “big figurehead” and a vibrant community behind it. However, he claims to lack understanding of the technology underpinning Cardano.

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Hoskinson Reacts

Cardano community members have slammed the behavior of CoinDesk staff during the latest episode of The Hash. They took to Twitter to blast the CoinDesk team for making jest of the leading blockchain project. 

Hoskinson also joined Cardano enthusiasts to comment on the behavior of the CoinDesk crew. In a tweet yesterday, Hoskinson indirectly described their behavior as that of High School kids. 

“Sometimes High School never ends,” said Hoskinson.

Responding to Hoskinson’s tweet, Wendy said she will remember to wear a suit and sit up straight the next time she is “mentioning ADA.”

The Cardano founder added that he could see how excited CoinDesk’s staff are over the prospect of management changes, referring to reports about Digital Currency Group’s plans to sell the cryptocurrency media outlet.

Interestingly, Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus backed Hoskinson. Marcus said High School “never ends” because 2023 adults still behave like children.

This is not the first time CoinDesk has gotten in the bad books of the Cardano community. Last month, CoinDesk described Cardano as a vaporware network that may likely become a zombie chain in 2023. CoinDesk’s description of Cardano attracted the attention of the ADA community, who slammed the media outlet for its derogatory comments about the leading blockchain.

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