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Top 100 ETH Whales Now Hold Above $700M Worth of Shiba Inu


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Shiba Inu Reaches New Heights with Rapid Growth in User Base and Holdings by Top ETH Whales.

The biggest ETH Whales are becoming increasingly interested in Shiba Inu due to its promising developments and the anticipation surrounding Shibarium, a soon-to-be-launched L2 network.

The well-known website for monitoring blockchain activity, WhaleStats, has recently reported that the top 100 largest ETH holders now have 50.5 trillion SHIB in their wallets. This is worth approximately $710.81 million and makes up 17.9% of their holdings, excluding stablecoins. This makes SHIB the largest single asset held by these ETH whales.

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As reported earlier by The Crypto Basic, the top 5,000 Ethereum whales hold even more substantial amounts of Shiba Inu tokens, with a total value of $733,108,933 ($733.10M).

As reported by The Crypto Basic, Shiba Inu has recently achieved a significant milestone as SHIB crossed the 1.3 million mark in the total number of holders after adding 25,813 holders since January 1.

Shiba Inu has been making headlines lately with its rapid growth and growing adoption. In a recent development, the UK basketball team, the London Lions, has partnered with BitPay to enable its fans to buy merchandise and game tickets using Shiba Inu.

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Moreover, Travala, a leading travel booking platform, has announced that Shiba Inu holders can now use SHIB to book activities at Phú Quốc, Vietnam’s most popular destination for water sports.

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