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COTI Adds Multi-Wallet Support For Cardano Stablecoin


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DJED is now available on Flint and other top crypto wallets.

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COTI Adds Multi-Wallet Support for DJED. The supported wallets include Flint, GeroWallet, Yeroi Wallet, Typhon Wallet, and NuFi. The move is part of efforts by COTI to enhance Djed’s platform.


According to COTI, integrating the wallets into Djed’s protocol will enable more users to mint and burn DJED and SHEN, thus increasing the widespread adoption of the stablecoin. 

It bears mentioning that since DJED went live on the mainnet, COTI has taken significant steps to ensure the stablecoin meets users’ demands to increase its widespread adoption. COTI’s decision to add multi-wallet support for DJED is part of moves to boost DJED’s adoption.

Flint Wallet

Flint Wallet, a crypto wallet for DeFi and NFTs, has announced its integration into the Cardano Djed stablecoin (DJED) protocol. In a tweet yesterday, Flint Wallet said it would allow its users to mint and burn DJED and its reserve currency SHEN. 

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Flint Wallet is a Cardano-based wallet designed by the dcSpark team. It allows users to manage their crypto assets and access the world of decentralized finance. Users can download the wallet on their Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, Flint Wallet also has an in-browser extension that supports major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc. 

COTI Rolls Out New Djed’s Features

Aside from adding multi-wallet support for DJED, COTI noted that it had improved the UI of the stablecoin platform. The new UI design will allow users to see the mintable amounts of DJED and SHEN. In addition, users can conveniently switch between Testnet and Mainnet following the new improvement. 

COTI also added a new column with the transaction hash to the order book and a link to Cardano Scan, making it easier for users to track their transactions. 

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Lele Jima
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