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SHIB Lead Developer Says Shibarium Beta is Ready, Introductions to Start Tomorrow


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Though the project is ready, Kusama disclosed that he would not release anything until Kaal Dhairya is done mourning his late father.

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Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba Inu’s lead developer, recently revealed that Shibarium, the highly-anticipated layer-2 network for Shiba Inu, is finally ready, and several Medium articles will be released starting tomorrow to introduce Shibarium to the world.

Nonetheless, Kusama has disclosed that he will not release the beta until Kaal Dhairya, a fellow Shiba Inu developer, is done mourning his late father.

Kusama made this announcement through his official Twitter handle today. “Tomorrow, my 1st of a series of mediums introducing the world to Shibarium will be released. The bow fits nicely, but I’m not releasing anything until kaaldhairya is done mourning,” he remarked in a tweet.


The anonymous developer disclosed this information in a more detailed message on the community Telegram channel. SHIB influencer Lucie in a recent tweet, subsequently highlighted the message. In the Telegram post, Kusama declared that Shibarium is ready and eager to release the beta. However, he noted that nothing would be released until Dhairya was done mourning.

image source: https://twitter.com/LucieSHIB
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He clarified in the Telegram message that the series of Medium articles he will start releasing tomorrow is also aimed at addressing some common misconceptions surrounding the layer-2 solution.

Kusama Warns of Divisive FUD

Kusama further disclosed that there is a coordinated FUD campaign currently targeting him, and while he now has proof of the party behind the whole thing, he will not bring that knowledge to the public because he’s “above it.” Notwithstanding, he clarified that the parties behind the FUD campaign are attempting to destroy the community, but he will not permit it.

These disclosures came up a few hours after he revealed that Shibarium would launch before May, but the community should focus on consoling Dhairya for losing his father at this time. It bears mentioning that, though Kusama has now reported that the L2 solution is ready, he still has not given a fixed date for the eventual launch, but these recent revelations are still within the pre-May announcement.

Recall that he notified the community yesterday that he has no fixed date for the launch, mentioning that the network’s release is not an on/off switch. These remarks came up shortly after circulating rumors suggested that the network could launch on February 10 or today.

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