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Xumm Lead Developer Reveals v2.4.0 Will Roll Out Soon


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Only some testing is left.

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Xumm and XRPL senior developer Wietse Wind has revealed that developers are close to launching Xumm 2.4.0.

Wind made this known in a tweet today, noting that developers only had some testing left to do. Sharing a screenshot of the task manager, Wind revealed that developers have successfully tested 25 features, with 33 left to test and one to do.

As highlighted in a previous report, the update to the native XRP Ledger wallet will bring XLS-20 support that is native NFT functionality.

The latest update comes as XRPL and Xumm-related development activity has picked up in the past year. As reported less than two weeks ago, Wind shared a chart showing 811 weekly downloads compared to a previous 99.

Notably, developers are working on several projects, including:

  • Adding more providers to the so-called “Buy & Sell XRP” App, an embedded app on the Xumm wallet that will allow users to buy XRP for fiat choosing from different providers 
  • An opt-in profiles feature, currently available for Xumm Pro beta users, similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), with protections against impersonation
  • A Xumm QR payments feature to facilitate crypto payments at retail stores. 
  • XLS-34d to leverage negotiable payment methods available on the XRPL previously restricted to XRP for other issued tokens. 
  • XLS-35d to introduce lightweight NFTs to the XRPL.
  • A Hooks sidechain with XRP as the native currency to showcase Hooks smart contract capabilities before it goes live on the XRPL 
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All of these come as the XRPL reached a unique milestone yesterday, closing Ledger 77,777,777, as disclosed by Dr. J. Scott Branson, an advisor at the XRPL Foundation and a network validator. It is a testament to the network’s continued existence after nearly 11 years.

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