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Floki Inu New Partnership  Exposes Floki To 140M Crypto Users


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The partnership will boost the reach of the Floki brand by exposing the project to over DEXTools’ 140M+ crypto users.

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The team behind Floki, the rapidly expanding multi-chain project, took to Twitter today to announce their latest strategic marketing partnership with DEXTools, one of the world’s leading decentralized token data analytics platforms.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to extend the market presence of the Floki brand to a vast audience of over 140 million cryptocurrency users worldwide. This move comes on the heels of the release of Floki’s 2023 roadmap, which outlines various aspirations to propel the project’s growth.


DEXTools prides itself on having a massive global user base of over 140 million and offering support for over 68 blockchains. The unprecedented partnership with Floki is expected to span a year, making it the first instance of a long-term marketing collaboration for DEXTools.

Floki’s brand will be strategically displayed in DEXTools’ highly visible “Top Sponsor” and “Top Button” locations for 12 months as part of the partnership.

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The DEXTools team also expressed their enthusiasm and eagerness to collaborate with Floki in this partnership, citing their desire to expand their community and reach new audiences.


Floki’s recent partnership with DEXTools follows a similar collaboration with Btok, a central Chinese social media platform. The objective of this deal, much like the one with DEXTools, is to increase the project’s exposure to tens of millions of cryptocurrency users in China. Both collaborations are geared towards expanding the reach of Floki’s brand and growing its community globally.

The Floki team has indicated that the dual impact of these two campaigns is expected to propel Floki to new heights and generate significant buzz around the cryptocurrency, making it one of the most talked-about projects this year. The project already has a substantial measure of social activity, especially following its recent breakout to the top 100 list.

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