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Terra Rebels Says Rebel Station in its Pre-production Phase


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Terra Rebels Continue Work on Rebel Station Amidst Fraud Allegations

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Terra Rebels, an embattled independent Terra Classic development group, has revealed that Rebel Station, its Terra Station alternative, is now in the pre-production phase and operating fully independent of Terraform Labs’ infrastructure.

The group revealed this in a tweet yesterday, noting that it will enter full production on the receipt of multiple hardware components.

Notably, the group has been offering updates on the project for a while now. Just over a week ago, the group disclosed that it was conducting tests on critical infrastructure. It said it had purchased the required equipment for its TFL independent infrastructure in January.

The updates come despite the controversy surrounding the use of about $150k in community pool funds allocated to it for the project.

As The Crypto Basic reported, prominent Terra Classic validator LUNC DAO alleged that the funding had gone to the group’s Discord moderators and other non-technical members, citing insider sources. PSX-TX (@PSX_TX), an inactive Terra Rebels member, appeared to corroborate the claims from LUNC DAO, hijacking the Terra Rebels Twitter account to release a legal assessment indicating that the actions of the group potentially exposed it to fraud charges.

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Unsurprisingly, these revelations led to calls for the group to cease work and refund the $150k in community pool funding. However, it appears to have ignored these calls, regaining control of its Twitter account on Dec. 29 and issuing no response to the accusations.

Notably, the initial Terra Rebels’ request for funding had come under scrutiny from influential members of the community who described it as vague.

The latest Terra Rebels update on its Terra Station alternative has again sparked questions on using the $150k in community funding, with several community members requesting receipts.

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