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BabyDoge Burns 33T+ Tokens Since Burn Portal Launch


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The latest burns bring total cumulative burns to 203 quadrillion tokens, per data from the project’s official website.

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The BabyDoge burn campaign has witnessed significant momentum following the launch of the dedicated burn portal, as over 33 trillion tokens have been incinerated on the portal just 11 days after its launch. The burn portal is aimed at incentivizing token burns for community members.

The official BabyDoge Twitter handle called attention to the latest burn milestone in an elaborate effort to highlight the numerous achievements the project reached this week. Besides the burn milestone, BabyDoge also hit 1.7 million holders this week. Furthermore, the asset recently got listed on several platforms, including Poloniex, Biconomy, and Apbit.


The 33.04 trillion incinerated tokens are currently worth $90,680 against current rates. Moreover, data from the burn portal reveals that the community has incinerated up to 10 trillion BabyDoge in the past 24 hours and 1.7 quadrillion tokens in the past month.

Following the latest burns, the total amount of burned tokens has crossed the 203 quadrillion mark for the first time, accounting for 48.334% of the asset’s total supply. The cumulative burns are currently valued at a whopping $556.8 million against prevailing rates.

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Recall that the BabyDoge team launched the burn portal last Monday, nineteen days after revealing it was ready. The portal incentivizes community members to contribute to the project’s burn campaign by giving them discounts on BabyDoge purchases. So far, up to 56.8 trillion BabyDoge tokens have been purchased through the burn portal.

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