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Address Dormant For 2 Years Sends 68B Shiba Inu To Voyager


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Bankrupt Voyager Receives 68B Shiba Inu From Dormant Address.

Shortly after the inflow, Voyager sent 300B Shiba Inu tokens to Coinbase.

Voyager, a bankrupt crypto lending firm, recently received 68 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) from an unidentified wallet that has been dormant for two years. Shortly after receiving the SHIB tokens, Voyager transferred $12.3 million worth of crypto to Coinbase, including 300 billion SHIB.

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The unidentified wallet transferred the tokens to Voyager yesterday at 11:45 (UTC), per data from Etherscan. Before this outflow, the wallet had been dormant since it interacted with the smart contract of the CAW project.

This wallet received 68 billion SHIB tokens two years ago when the assets were valued at $528, as highlighted by Peck Shield, who first called attention to the development. The tokens, which have been sent to Voyager, are currently worth $820,000.


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Barely three hours after receiving the funds, Voyager sent $12.3 million worth of assets to Coinbase. These assets included 5 million Voyager Tokens (VGX) worth $2 million, 300 billion SHIB valued at $3.7 million, and 4,000 ETH worth $6.6 million. The ETH tokens were transferred from another Voyager address.

Moreover, citing Etherscan data, Peck Shield disclosed that Voyager had received $50 million worth of USDC from Coinbase in 8 hours.


Voyager Liquidating Assets through Coinbase?

As a result of the ongoing flow of funds between Voyager and Coinbase, concerns among crypto proponents have arisen due to the lack of transparency surrounding the purpose of these transactions. However, Lookonchain, a blockchain surveillance system, claimed four days ago that Voyager might be liquidating its assets through Coinbase.


Lookonchain emphasized that since February 14th, Voyager has been transferring assets to Coinbase near-daily. Shiba Inu makes up most of these transfers, valued at $28 million. Furthermore, $25 million worth of ETH has been transferred to Coinbase thus far.

Recall that The Crypto Basic reported that Voyager had sent 250 billion Shiba Inu to Coinbase last month. The bankrupt crypto lender had also sent 270 billion SHIB to Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance US on Feb. 1, a development that sparked concerns of a SHIB dump.

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