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Relist XRP Trends as Coinbase Launches Crypto Advocacy Campaign, Uphold Responds


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The XRP community is unimpressed by Coinbase’s latest crypto advocacy efforts.

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The hashtag “relistXRP” is trending again on Twitter.

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As is usually the case, the demand is directed at the largest crypto exchange in the United States, Coinbase. Notably, many of the recent relist XRP tweets have come in response to a recent Coinbase thread announcing the launch of a nationwide crypto advocacy campaign. 

Recall that the crypto exchange revealed plans to launch a public education campaign on the back of a survey that found that several Americans believed crypto to be the future of the financial system. Consequently, on Tuesday, it unveiled “Crypto 435,” so named as it targets the 435 Congressional Districts in the U.S.

Coinbase noted that policymakers are making decisions that would shape the industry’s future, adding that the emerging market needed thoughtful policies and intelligent regulation to advance innovation and economic freedom. To this end, the leading U.S. crypto exchange intends to grow the crypto advocacy community with its latest campaign, offering interested persons contact information and data on local politicians and regulators.

However, the XRP community is unimpressed by the crypto exchange’s efforts to push for better crypto policies and regulations. The community made sure to let their displeasure known by bashing the crypto exchange in the comments for occasions where it has appeared to marginalize the XRP community. These include the delisting of XRP and its failure to distribute Songbird (SGB) and Flare (FLR) token airdrops to XRP holders.

Recall that Coinbase wasted no time delisting XRP after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a complaint against Ripple and its executives, alleging XRP to be an unregistered security. However, the exchange has taken a more resistive stance as the SEC is ramping up its crypto enforcement efforts, targeting sectors intertwined with Coinbase’s business interests. 

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As previously reported, the crypto exchange has added a new line to its risk disclosure, noting that it may not delist a crypto asset even if regulators allege it is a security. According to the change, it would only be forced to do so if the courts ruled in favor of the regulator. Despite this risk disclosure change, it has yet to respond to the XRP community’s pleas.

Uphold Response

Meanwhile, the relist XRP hashtag has attracted the attention of Uphold, a Coinbase competitor.

The U.S.-based global crypto exchange with over 10 million users took the opportunity to remind XRP community members residing in the U.S. that they could still buy, hold and trade XRP on the platform. Per an attached explainer post, users can purchase the leading altcoin on the platform with a card, bank account, or external crypto wallet.

After over two years in the district court, the SEC case against Ripple awaits a court ruling. Notably, Attorney James K. Filan, who has continuously provided updates on the case, predicted that the Judge would give her verdict on or before the end of March.

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