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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Warns Not Buy Anything on Shibarium Until Mainnet Launch


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According to Kusama, all the tokens available during the beta phase are solely intended for testing purposes.

Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba Inu lead developer, has cautioned community members against buying any token or product offered on Shibarium during the upcoming layer-2 network’s beta phase.

Kusama emphasized that tokens available during the beta phase are intended solely for testing purposes. Therefore, he advised investors to exercise caution and refrain from purchasing or investing in these projects until after the mainnet launch.

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“Don’t get scammed and buy anything you’ll find on Shibarium until the Shibarium main net launch, Kusama charged the community in the latest installment of the ongoing series of Shibarium blog publications. The publications are aimed at demystifying the concept of Shibarium and introducing the upcoming L2 network to the world.


Moreover, Kusama warned investors about their involvement in projects built on the Shibarium network. He emphasized that anyone can build on Shibarium and, as a result, urged community members to conduct extensive research before engaging with any projects.

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As the Shibarium launch draws near, scammers have been paying close attention to the network, especially in light of its extensive social engagement. Last month, some scammers created a false SHIBARIUM token shortly after distributing bogus BLUR tokens to prominent addresses.

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