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Undefeated MMA Legend Khabib Launches NFT Collection With Bitcoin Rewards


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Holders of the NFT would earn Bitcoin daily.

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Undefeated Mixed Martial Arts legend Khabib Nurmagomedov has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) collection in partnership with GMT, a Bitcoin mining project.

GMT announced the Khabib NFT Collection by GMT in a press release today. The collection features unique images of Bitcoin mining rigs that will give holders access to private events held by the fighter or his exclusive clubs. Notably, they each feature attributes that can be linked to the illustrious fighter’s career, including quotes.

In addition, each NFT is backed by 29 TH/s of computing power. It is a symbolic number with dual meaning. First, it pays tribute to Khabib’s 29 wins in his professional career. Secondly, it refers to real computing power generated by GMT’s fleet of mining rigs. 

The computing power backing these NFTs would allow holders to earn daily Bitcoin rewards in two ways. The first way is simply by holding on to the NFT. The second is participating in a “clicker” game within the pool to increase their chances of earning more rewards.

 “I like the cornerstone and essence of the project — easy mining, the opportunity for ordinary people to earn without wading into the technical recesses of mining,” Khabib said per the press release.

It bears mentioning that the retired MMA fighter has been a GMT ambassador since October 2021.

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While the press release does not specify if it is a limited collection, the GMT NFT marketplace lists 4,836 NFTs under the collection at press time, each priced at 2,029 Tether USD (USDT). No doubt,  the price ending with 29 is likely another nod to Khabib’s career.

Khabib joins the list of other sporting legends like footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to wade into the world of NFTs and Web 3.

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