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Terra Classic Based Terraport Releases Roadmap


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According to the launch roadmap, the team plans to release Terraport V1 on March 31, three days after the token distribution event.

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Terraport, a Terra Classic (LUNC) DeFi ecosystem built by TerraCVita, has released its launch roadmap following the end of the public token sale event, which spanned from Feb. 15 through March 15. The newly-released roadmap reveals that Terraport V1 will be launched on March 31.

The official Terraport Twitter account recently shared a sneak peek of the first quarter’s objectives on its roadmap. The tweet also includes a notification that investors who have mistakenly provided erroneous receiving wallets when establishing vesting contracts have a three-day window to amend their details.


A preview of the roadmap reveals that on March 28, the Terraport team will commence the distribution of TERRA, the ecosystem’s token, to the relevant parties. Shortly after, on March 31, Terraport version 1 will be launched, along with trading for the TERRA token and the Terraport farming and staking contracts.

In addition, the roadmap outlines some predetermined objectives for Q2 through Q4 of this year. Specifically, in Q2, the team intends to incorporate an entertainment segment into the platform, activate fresh pools and trading pairs, and facilitate Terra Classic (LUNC) staking. Then, in Q3, Terraport V2 will be introduced, including a launchpad feature.

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For Q4, the team has slated the release of Terraport V3, including the platform’s first cross-chain pool. Upon achieving these goals, the team intends to issue the 2024 roadmap in Q1 2024. The objectives for the roadmap will be determined by the requests made by the community based on governance votes.

It is worth noting that the objectives outlined in the current roadmap are subject to change or adjustment based on governance votes or network updates.Β 

Terraport’s Importance to Terra Classic

Terraport is a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem with a primary objective of aiding in the revitalization of Terra Classic. The platform plans to accomplish this by implementing token burns, facilitating token staking, and promoting utility. Its aim is to enhance the Terra Classic ecosystem’s utility by fostering dApp development and attracting investments.

The platform’s main feature will be a dedicated decentralized exchange (DEX) using the automated market maker (AMM) model to generate significant liquidity for the Terra Classic ecosystem. The DEX will also offer cross-chain swaps across various networks.

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