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Rexyz Outlines How Terraport Will Fuel Terra Classic Growth


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TerraCVita Senior Member States How Terraport Can Help Terra Classic (LUNC).

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According to Rex, Terraport will help bring projects to Terra Classic and support the burn initiative by incinerating LUNC tokens.

Rex “Rexyz” Harrison, a senior member of the Terra Classic (LUNC) development group TerraCVita, has once again outlined the avenues through which the upcoming Terraport project can help the Terra Classic ecosystem.

According to Rexyz in a recent tweet, Terraport will serve as an all-encompassing project serving as a crypto exchange and a launchpad, among other things. Moreover, the project will help create numerous trading pairs of LUNC with other tokens, thereby making it easy to buy and sell LUNC. This should help provide liquidity.

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Terraport as an Exchange 

As an exchange, Terraport will leverage some of its fees to the benefit of Terra Classic through several means. One of these means is by burning LUNC with a portion of the fees. The fees will also be used to burn TERRA, Terraport’s native token, and provide staking rewards to people who stake the token. Rexyz also disclosed that a portion of the fees would go into improving Terraport.

In addition, the fees will be utilized to help TerraCVita and other developers build new projects for the Terra Classic ecosystem. An example of such is Edward Kim’s idea of a Machine Learning project. Rexyz previously disclosed that TerraCVita is in talks with Zaradar and Kim to learn how Terraport can help to make the project successful.

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Terraport as a Launchpad

A crypto launchpad is a platform that provides a range of services to support the launch and growth of new cryptocurrency projects. As a launchpad, Terraport will help bring projects into the Terra Classic ecosystem through several avenues.

One of these avenues is by raising funds to develop these projects. Terraport will also help create new tokens on the Terra Classic blockchain as it facilitates building on the network. Functioning as a launchpad, Terraport will also assist in adequately marketing these projects to attract investors to the blockchain.

Conclusively, Rexyz noted that Terraport’s success is contingent on the support the Terra Classic community gives to TerraCVita as the group looks to use this project to promote LUNC. Recall that TerraCVita confirmed that the project will launch on March 31.

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