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‘Ripple is a Scam & Chris Larsen is Anti-human’: Bitcoin Maxi and Swancom CEO


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Greenpeace’s Skull of Satoshi continues to elicit a flurry of reactions.

Cory Klippsten, a prominent Bitcoin maximalist and chief executive officer of Bitcoin educational platform Swancom has launched a verbal assault against Ripple and its executive chairman, Chris Larsen.

In a tweet yesterday, Klippsten slammed the blockchain payments company as a scam while describing its executive chairman as “anti-human.” The Swan.com CEO also links the tweet to an earlier video where he claims that XRP is an unregistered security and a pump-and-dump scheme.

Klippsten’s latest statements came in response to Greenpeace’s latest effort to draw attention to the perceived environmental harms of Bitcoin mining, an 11 feet tall statue dubbed the “Skull of Satoshi.” For context, Larsen threw his weight behind the organization’s “Change the Code, Not the Climate” campaign last year, donating $5 million to the cause. Notably, the campaign seeks to pressure Bitcoin miners and core developers to change the cryptocurrency’s energy-intensive consensus mechanism, a move that staunch Bitcoin supporters and miners are strongly against. 

“Basically what they’re saying is that Bitcoin should switch to proof of stake, which obviously completely obviates the whole point of Bitcoin since if you don’t have your consensus mechanism tethered to the real world in some way, which would totally ruin Bitcoin if you gave that up,” Klippsten said in the video he linked to his recent tweet. 

Meanwhile, as highlighted in a report today, Greenpeace’s Skull of Satoshi may not have gotten the intended effect, as several Bitcoiners believe it looks “cool.” Even Klippsten has adopted it as his Twitter header picture.

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Okoya David
Okoya David
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