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Cardano Founder Reacts As Craig Wright Calls Him “a Scam” 


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Cardano founder said he doesn’t care about Wright’s opinion.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has reacted to derogatory comments made against him by self-acclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright.

In an interview with Alfie Whattam yesterday, Wright called Hoskinson “a scam” who only “pumps money and bulls**t people.”

To further back his claim, Wright asked Whattam to name one valuable project Hoskinson has created, and the host of the Alfie Whattam Tech podcast listed Cardano. Reacting to Whattam’s response, Wright described Cardano as a duplicated cryptocurrency with no real-world utility. 

“Like I said, what value has he [Hoskinson] actually created? It [Cardano] is just a copy of a coin they put on exchanges and pump [it]. It does not actually do anything,” Wright was quoted as saying. 

Cardano Supporters Troll Wright

Wright’s comment did not sit well with several Cardano community members who took to Twitter to blast the “self-acclaimed Bitcoin creator” in defense of Hoskinson.

Cardano community member OKI says: “Fake Scam Satoshi calling somebody else a scammer? Imagine that! Nobody cares what this scammer says.”


An ADA enthusiast described Wright’s recent remark as defamation of the Cardano founder’s personality. Instead of regretting his previous assertions, Wright insisted that he told the truth in the interview. 

No One Cares

Interestingly, the video making the rounds since yesterday finally attracted the attention of Hoskinson today. Instead of hurling insults at Wright, Hoskinson, known for his low tolerance to criticisms, responded in a way many didn’t expect.  

Responding to the comment, Hoskinson said nobody cares about Wright’s opinions. He further attached a gif to the tweet with the caption, “I don’t care.” 


It bears mentioning that this is not the first time Hoskinson has been insulted and called a scammer. Supporters of rival crypto projects have often called Hoskinson a scammer, with some alleging that he is misleading community members with false claims. Meanwhile, none of the allegations against Hoskinson have been proven to be true. 

As reported by TheCryptoBasic, crypto journalist Laura Shin accused Hoskinson of lying about enrolling in a postgraduate program in March last year.

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Lele Jima
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