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Hoskinson Highlights Cardano Weekly Developments


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Cardano Now Boasts 8M+ Native Tokens and 63M+ Transactions.

These statistics underscore the network’s growing prominence on its journey to global dominance.

The Cardano ecosystem continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down. An updated report on the network’s statistics shows it now boasts up to 63.9 million total transactions with over 8 million native tokens.

The latest report was published by Olga Hryniuk, the Senior Technical Writer at IOHK, and further shared by Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson on Twitter.


The report is the latest installment of the weekly development updates on the network’s progress. According to the report, Cardano’s statistics to date include 8.06 million native tokens hosted on the network and 71,128 token policies. Moreover, the network now has 1,221 projects building on it, with 119 projects presently launched.

In addition, Plutus scripts on the blockchain have seen an impressive surge to a whopping 7,546. Of this total number of scripts, 2,312 are Plutus V2 scripts. Compared to Cardano’s stats from this year’s first development report on Jan. 13, the current values signal a massive increase in the network’s statistics.

Cardano has processed over 5.2 million transactions since the start of the year, with up to 560,000 additional native tokens added to the network since Jan. 13. Furthermore, the total number of Plutus scripts has increased by 2,160 since January, out of which 1,775 are Plutus V2 scripts. Moreover, 59 more projects have started building on the network this year, with 7 new projects launched.

Weekly Development Work and ADA’s Price Action

Besides the impressive increase in Cardano’s statistics, the weekly development report also shared insights on present development works. These include an improvement on the test framework with additional automated tests, updates to the Marlowe Runtime starter kit and documentation, and the release of a demo showing Hydra heads running on the mainnet.

These impressive milestones have also impacted ADA’s price action, as the asset currently maintains an 8.16% gain in the past week. ADA is trading for $0.3923, up 1.45% in the past 24 hours. The asset was highlighted on Robinhood’s latest weekly list of the biggest movers.

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