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Koyo Token Reveals Plan For Shibarium And The Underlying Benefits To The Shiba Inu Ecosystem


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A mysterious new project has been turning heads in the world of Crypto. In a span of just 22 days, Koyo Token ($KOY) has burned OVER 6.1 BILLION $SHIB. KoyArmy has aligned itself with the utmost integrity and honour to support the efforts of the ShibArmy. This formidable and fast growing community has only just started to show what it’s capable of.

This community driven project has removed a whopping 6,159,062,480 $SHIB tokens over multiple transactions which can be confirmed via etherscan. Koyo’s massive burning transactions not only highlight its commitment to reducing the supply of SHIB tokens, but has now emerged as the top SHIB Burner of the month.

On March 17th, Koyo executed their largest burn transaction by sending 924,150,949 (924.15M) SHIB to the dead wallet. To build the flames up more, Koyo set fire to a significant 794,858,822 (794.85M) SHIB in a single transaction on March 28th, further solidifying its position as the leading SHIB burner in the community that follows through with action.

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Founder Kintaro recently released their First Revelation medium article — with huge expectation and much anticipation — the overall community sentiment has left readers amazed within both the Koyo and Shib communities, and beyond.

Kintaro opens up the medium by referring to the Koyo promise — that they will remain honorable in their commitment that they make and expect the same from the KoyArmy. He alludes to even more revelations to come, yet profoundly focuses on the Final Revelation… the original intention. The mystery continues for us all, but what has been revealed so far will be extremely exciting for the Shiba Inu community.

Kintaro reveals very minimal about himself in this medium — with that being said, mentions “…in revelations to come you will understand more of who I am, what I speak of and who I speak for.”

The write up leaves us with more thoughts and speculations on who this Kintaro figure is, and it is surely exciting to watch the mystery unfold.

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The medium continues by discussing the role of the leaders within the community, a few that have taken the initiative, and the importance of a growing and uniting a collective army.

Kintaro starts by acknowledging Ryoshi’s journey, and then affirms: “The KoyArmy serves as the strongest and most trusted of alliances to the ShibArmy, an unbreakable bond of trust and loyalty.”

The First Revelation is centered around Kōyō, explaining its dual meaning as autumn leaves — but in this context utility, revealing “ Here today I unveil Koyo will become known as the trading platform which will support the Shiba Inu Ecosystem through Shibarium alone” and then continues by confirming that “Koyo will initially launch its perpetual leverage trading platform for all Shiba ecosystem tokens, as of now $SHIB, $LEASH and $BONE, and further will add $TREAT and $SHI when officially released, along with $KOY token”.

It is interesting to note that Koyo will also open up its trading platform to Shibarium Projects that meet the ‘Shytoshi Guidelines’ that will add value back to the Shiba Ecosystem and they would “…propose a voting system via the doggy dao to approve new listings.”

The medium noted “the opportunity to be listed onto Koyo can be life changing for projects and their communities” as it would provide mass volume and in turn grow projects on Shibarium which will drive value back to the Shiba Ecosystem.

Kintaro confirmed that security is of high priority and the Koyo platform will be exclusively audited by Certik and will be live on Skynet 24/7.

Koyo will incentivize liquidity providers and have confirmed that they have already “received millions of dollars in liquidity pledges and they are those that are wanting to support the shiba ecosystem” while the Koyo platform will have a simplistic and seamless approach for user experience.

Kintaro opens up on the 100M $KOY allocation on launch which has been set aside for the Koyo Platform $KOY Reward Pool. This will be used to incentivize users with trading fee discounts, staking and for trading completion to maximize volume onto the platform, while $KOY Reward pool will continue to grow with 20% of total revenue generated allocated back into the pool for long term sustainability.

The medium highlights:  “So expect billions of dollars in volume, expect millions of dollars in rewards and in turn expect $SHIB burns to be in the millions with continuous burns” and then provides a revenue distribution model as follows:


Although majority of the distribution model already benefits the Shib Ecosystem more than Koyo, they have “decided that for the first 3 months, we will increase $SHIB burns to 60%, by limiting the Koyo ecosystem distribution to 10%, as we understand a motivated community is a healthy community.”

Kintaro then adds weight to his intention and frenship with the Shiba Inu community by promising that they will not conduct in product competitive strategies and declared, “Koyo will incorporate ShibaSwap as the exclusive swap for all trading via the Koyo trading platform and financial services protocol to ensure we add value and volume onto ShibaSwap Shibarium in again allowing the Shiba Ecosystem to benefit.”

The medium then reveals that “the next revelation we will dive into the additional financial services features, covering both the lending & borrowing protocols through the Koyo Venture Capital Fund designed management system, in support of the growth of selected value-add Shibarium projects which will truly benefit the Shiba ecosystem.”

Kintaro, although leaving many in awe, continues to throw out more revelations in that Koyo have received strong interest by both Tier 1 & 2 CEXs to list $KOY and to expect upcoming announcements in that regard.

The medium closes by a call for those to join the KoyArmy on a journey which will provide bounties that are unimaginable and to understand there are no coincidences at Koyo.

To read the full details of Kintaro’s medium please visit

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