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Shibarium-Based Pawswap Adds Code for PAW Burns


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The code was embedded in the latest commitment made to the Pawswap GitHub.

The developers behind Pawswap, a multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) set to launch on Shiba Inu Layer two network Shibarium network, have added a line of code to the platform’s codebase, which contains a function to burn PAW, its native token.

Dezaxe, a Pawswap ecosystem ambassador, recently called attention to the line of code embedded in the “PAWSWAP flexible stake” file. The file was added to the Pawswap GitHub two days ago by PawKishi, a notable Pawswap developer.


A section of the code is for a function called _burn which is designed to destroy a certain amount of tokens from a specific account. As described in the code, the purpose of this function is to reduce the total supply of PAW tokens in circulation.

The code first checks that the account from which the tokens are being burned is not the zero address. The code then ensures the account has at least the specified token amount to be burned.

If these requirements are met, the function proceeds to call another function called _beforeTokenTransfer, which performs any necessary checks or actions before the token transfer takes place.

After this, the function subtracts the specified token amount from the account’s balance and emits a Transfer event to the zero address, indicating that the tokens have been destroyed.

As disclosed by Dezaxe, the codebase has been forwarded to Certik, and the team is awaiting the conclusion of Certik’s audit. Certik is a blockchain security platform that uses formal verification methods to detect vulnerabilities in smart contracts and blockchain codes. Certik audits are crucial because they help to ensure the security and reliability of networks.


Pawswap launched its dedicated burn portal last month which is aimed at tracking burns involving the PAW token. The project will also bolster Shiba Inu burns by contributing to the fees on Shibarium. Recall that Shibarium is expected to buy back and burn SHIB with 70% of its base transaction fees.

As detailed in its roadmap, Pawswap will officially launch to the public between Q4 2023 and Q1 2024, with the public beta testing phase slated for Q2 2023 to Q4 2023.

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