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HomePrice Prediction: EOS (EOS) And NEO (NEO). Bigger Gains Expected In Uwerx (WERX)

Price Prediction: EOS (EOS) And NEO (NEO). Bigger Gains Expected In Uwerx (WERX)


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EOS (EOS) and NEO (NEO) were once mainstays in the top ten cryptocurrencies. However, that was in 2018 before the real competition arrived and both have seen their fortunes change. In this article, we will discuss whether these two veterans can be relevant again and also why investors should consider projects like Uwerx instead.

Uwerx (WERX) Garnering Mainstream Attention

Uwerx is a project in presale that is looking to disrupt the market for freelance workers. Rather than being a payments or software company, Uwerx is creating a platform to bring employers and freelancers together on the blockchain and tap into a large and growing market. Estimates have said that the gig economy already provides $2.1 trillion to the US economy alone, but that is growing fast.

Uwerx is currently in a presale at $0.005 and investors can get in at a very cheap price. The project will go through a lock-up period with project funds, so investors can be assured that there is no rug pull potential. As experienced investors know, investing early into projects with solid fundamentals and potential for growth, is often where significant gains are made. Uwerx has a growing market and a disruptive blockchain platform, so it can provide a big win for investors when it gains traction and attention.

EOS (EOS) Drifts in the Current Market

EOS (EOS) is one of the old-school crypto projects that were regular features in the top ten coins before competition arrived. EOS (EOS) is a platform that was launched in 2018 to allow the building of decentralized apps. However, competition arrived very fast, and EOS (EOS) could not keep up with the changes in decentralized finance and smart contracts. The project has found itself irrelevant and unknown and would need radical change.

EOS (EOS) is seen as a competitor to Ethereum but has seen its coin drop to number 39 in the rankings, while its rival has remained rooted at number two. EOS (EOS) did get a boost in December from the news that Binance would be integrating the Tether stablecoin on the EOS network. That can increase TVL numbers for EOS and maybe see movement in the right direction. Another opportunity was announced when EOS Network Foundation (ENF) CEO Yves La Rose launched a $100m ecosystem fund that will invest directly in projects building on the EOS chain. That could attract projects in hot sectors such as P2E, DeFi, or the metaverse.

NEO (NEO) Token Continues its Descent

NEO (NEO) has fared worse than EOS, with the coin falling to number 73 in the list of tokens. NEO (NEO) saw highs of $180 in late 2017 which gave the project a market cap of $12bn. That market cap sump $897,960. The project first struggled in 2018 after a crackdown on crypto by the Chinese government. NEO did manage to recover to a coin price of $120 in 2021 but has faded again to only $7.

NEO (NEO) is attempting an upgrade to its N3 model after four years in the making. The project offers smart contracts, oracles, and domain naming but has fallen out of mainstream attention. NEO and EOS could both see positive price action in the future, but investors know that projects need real mainstream attention to stay relevant. Recently, NEO boasted the second best growth amongst Chinese cryptocurrencies and thanks to a policy change from Hong Kong, the currency did see a sharp spike in interest.

Rather than waiting for those projects to find their old glory, investors would be better placed in a project such as Uwerx. A project grounded to a global, agile and resilient industry which has exhibited year on year growth regardless of adverse and volatile market conditions. The current price level is an attractive opportunity to get in at ground level for strong growth potential.

Uwerx today announced that the team has decided to lower the platform commission for work executed from 10% to 5%, market leaders Upwork and Fiverr charge 10% and 20% respectively. Uwerx recently revealed a 25% exclusive bonus for all WERX transactions, solely available during the presale phase.

With regards to the project’s legitimacy, the following safeguards have been implemented:

  • Liquidity lock for 25 years after the presale ends
  • InterFi Network and SolidProof audits conducted and passed
  • Contract ownership will be renounced as soon as the project is ready to be listed on centralized exchanges

For further information regarding Uwerx, please refer to the links provided below.





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