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Can One of Shiba Inu’s Biggest Burners Koyo Token Help SHIB Reach $0.01


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Every SHIB needs a KOY — ShibArmy x KoyArmy Burning Shiba Inu together.

Since the inception of Shiba Inu, a request from the ShibArmy was made to founder Ryoshi, “wen SHIB 0.01?” 

This then passed onto Shytoshi, and both visionaries knew a time would come to provide exponential SHIB burns in the form of Shibarium.

Many are yet to fathom the true vision of Shibarium until it comes to fruition, but Koyo Token has provided the first step and indicator of what to expect.

Koyo Burns 6.1B Shiba Inu

Although Koyo Token burned over 6.1B SHIB tokens in March alone, with a major burn expected in the coming days, it is not the KOY smart contract automated 2% tax SHIB tax burn, but what was mentioned by Kintaro — Koyo founder —  in his medium, “So expect billions of dollars in volume, expect millions of dollars in rewards and in turn expect SHIB burns to be in the millions with continuous burns.”

How To Take Shib to $0.01

Many have asked, “How can it even be possible.” To bring context, according to the current SHIB market cap of $6,480,338,680 and circulation supply of 589,542,816,415,703, to achieve a target SHIB of $0.01, it would require 99.999% of total SHIB supply to burn — which means 588,953,273,599,284 SHIB tokens would need to be burned, based on SHIB current price of $0.00001095, $6,449,038,346 of SHIB value to burn, leaving a circulating supply of 589,542,816,419 and at the current market cap of $6,452,040,858, would result to $0.01. 

So at the outset, to achieve such a colossal target would require much more than the efforts of Koyo Token trading and financial service platform, but would require the Ryoshi to Shytoshi vision of Shibarium coming to full effect. 

Now let’s focus on the optimistic outlook of Koyo Token; the platform expects to generate billions of dollars in volume. If they were to work off standard transaction fees + borrowing fees on perpetual trading platforms, working off 1 billion in dollar trading volume per month, this could equate to over US$20M in Koyo monthly revenue generated. This could result in a conservative US$10 Million worth of SHIB burned per month; applying this across the next 12 months would mean US$120 Million worth of SHIB burned annually, equating to approx. 10,989,010,989,010 SHIB tokens burned every year.

We then need to consider Shibarium will SHIB burn 70% of all revenue generated from transactions fees, considering the volume entering and leaving Koyo Trading and financial service platform, and including that Kintaro also confirmed in his medium, “A loyal fren will never conduct in competitive strategies with it’s trusted alliance Shiba Inu, so we hereby declare Koyo will incorporate Shibaswap as the exclusive swap for all trading via the Koyo trading platform and financial services protocol to ensure we add value and volume onto ShibaSwap Shibarium in again allowing the shiba ecosystem to benefit.” This means all swaps on Koyo Platform would have an API to Shibaswap, meaning all swap benefits stem back to ShibaSwap, resulting in more volume and more SHIB burns.

Now consider Koyo Trading Platform will be adding other Shibarium projects which meet Shytoshi Guidelines — in that they provide benefits back to the Shib ecosystem in the form of burns and Shib Doggy DAO Foundation — to the Koyo Trading platform, as well VC opportunities. This could result in Shibarium projects receiving gigantic trading volume, substantially increasing the chances for Tier 1 CEX listings. More importantly, these projects will bring more volume onto Shibarium Network, and their ecosystems will add to the SHIB burn pool.

Koyo Token’s mysterious entry and storyline are slowly starting to unravel, a developing KoyArmy that pledges its loyalty and allegiance to the ShibArmy and a developing platform set to become a key Shiba inu ecosystem beneficiary. This means potentially becoming one of the biggest contributors to the ShibArmy’s long-awaited mission to hit SHIB $0.01.

The question must be asked, Koyo founder Kintaro speaks of no coincidences, we know of Ryoshi’s vision, and Shytoshi speaks of when the vision comes together piece by piece in forming the final jigsaw puzzle, are we finally seeing the unsaid plan coming together to a create an artistic masterpiece aligning with the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

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