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Deaton Predicts a New End Date for Ripple Vs. SEC Lawsuit


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Attorney Deaton Says Ruling in SEC v. Ripple Case Will Come Before May 6.

Deaton said Judge Torres’ ruling timeline shows Ripple vs. SEC summary judgment might come before May 6.

As the crypto community continues to anticipate the summary judgment in Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton has revealed the possible date of the ruling.

In an interview with Thinking Crypto, attorney Deaton, representing thousands of XRP holders in the lawsuit, speculates that Judge Torres’ ruling might come on or before May 6. 

The CryptoLaw founder made the prediction based on Judge Torres’ ruling timeline in previous cases. Deaton noted that historically, Judge Torres’ summary judgment usually comes within up to two months after she decides on Daubert’s motions.

According to the pro-XRP lawyer, there has been an instance where Judge Torres’ summary judgment came an hour after Daubert’s motion decision.

There has also been a scenario where there was a one-month difference between her decisions on Daubert’s motion and summary judgment, Deaton said. The pro-XRP attorney adds that Judge Torres’ summary judgment ruling has also been given two months after she decided on Daubert’s motion.

It bears mentioning that Judge Torres ruled on Daubert’s motion in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit on March 6. Based on this, Deaton speculates that Judge Torres’ summary judgment ruling in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit may come “somewhere around March 6 and May 6.”

“[…] There was a case where it [summary judgment] was two weeks between. And then there was a case when it was 30 days between, and then there was a case when it was 60 days, right? So what I’ve been telling people is that [we’ll get the ruling] somewhere between March 6 and May 6,” Deaton was quoted as saying.

Deaton added that the Ripple v. SEC summary judgment might come anytime. He also said that the ruling could linger till June 1 or more.

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