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Shiba Inu Leader Pushes for SHIB-themed ‘Champion’ Outfits


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Kusama is interested in joining the campaign to get Champion to launch customized Shiba Inu outfits.

Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama is seeking to make the 365th request for US-based sportswear brand ‘Champion’ to launch a collection of SHIB-themed hoodies.

Kusama made this known after a famous Shiba Inu influencer named THESHIBLIFE requested for the 364th time, asking the famous sportswear brand to consider developing customized SHIB-themed hoodies for the community.

Kusama commented on the post and asked if he could make the 365th request.

In response to Kusama’s request, THESHIBLIFE suggested a more intensive idea to get Champion’s attention. According to THESHIBLIFE, it would be easier to get the attention of the prominent sports brand when more than 100 Shiba Inu community members request simultaneously through multiple tweets and threads.

THESHIBLIFE believes the suggestion will attract Champion’s attention. He added that the company would see the number of Shiba Inu’s supporters interested in the initiative.

How It All Started

Notably, THESHIBLIFE is not the only Shiba Inu influencer involved in the campaign. Shiba Inu influencer SHIB_HEAD was the first to start the campaign early last year.

While THESHIBLIFE wants Champion to launch branded Shiba Inu hoodies, SHIB_HEAD wants the sports brand to create SHIB-themed T-Shirts.

With Champion not responding to these calls, many Shiba Inu enthusiasts got tired of trying to get the company’s attention. Interestingly, things changed in September after snack brand Slim Jim asked its followers to tag their favorite Twitter account in the comment section, adding that it would try to get the account owner to reply.

THESHIBLIFE, who has been vocal about the Shiba Inu-Champion collaboration since last year, took advantage of the opportunity and tagged the sportswear brand.

Responding to THESHIBLIFE, Champion asked if THESHIBLIFE’s request counts as a collaboration.

However, Champion has not communicated plans to launch customized hoodies and shirts for Shiba Inu community members. 

SHIB Enthusiasts Pushing for Major Collaborations

Notably, the campaign is part of efforts by members of the Shiba Inu community to get every major brand to partner with the canine-themed token. 

These campaigns have helped the community to secure notable collaborations and listings for Shiba Inu. A case in point is Shiba Inu’s listing on Robinhood.

Before Robinhood listed Shiba Inu, members of the SHIBArmy were seen commenting “wen SHIB listing” under every tweet made by the commission-free stock trading app. Robinhood finally bowed to pressure and listed Shiba Inu.

SHIB holders are hoping that Champion will also bow to pressure and launch SHIB-themed T-Shirts and hoodies.

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Lele Jima
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