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EmeraldsDAO: Gemstones With NFT Tokenization


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EmeraldsDAO is an investment project based on blockchain technology that allows investing in gemstones through NFT tokenization. Gemstones have been considered one of the most valuable objects in the world for centuries, and thanks to EmeraldsDAO, now anyone can invest in this exclusive market.

The EmeraldsDAO project was created by a group of blockchain and gemstone enthusiasts with the intention of creating a decentralized platform that would enable investing in gemstones using blockchain technology. The company uses funds from gemstone investments and platform development.

Gemstone tokenization

NFT tokenization of gemstones is the process of representing gemstones as NFT tokens on the blockchain, enabling their sale, exchange, and storage in personal wallets. NFT gemstones can have unique characteristics such as size, color, clarity, and other properties, making them very attractive to collectors and investors. The actual gemstones will be deposited in a safe house in Switzerland.

NFT tokens of gemstones are based on the ERC-721 standard, which is a popular NFT token standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT token of a gemstone has a unique identifier that is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring the security and immutability of the NFT token owner.

The value of NFT tokens for investors

NFT tokens of gemstones have many values for investors. Firstly, owning an NFT token of a gemstone allows for the ownership of a real gemstone in digital form, which is an ideal solution for people who want to invest in this exclusive market but do not want or cannot own a physical gemstone.

Secondly, owning an NFT token of a gemstone can bring significant profits, as the value of gemstones is constantly rising and is one of the safest ways to invest funds. Additionally, it allows for easier exchange, sale, and storage of gemstones, making the investment more attractive.

Investment tokens

The EmeraldsDAO project has also issued investment NFT tokens, which give investors the opportunity to participate in the company’s profits. These tokens are separate collections called EmeraldsDAO Invest. Owning Invest tokens gives investors the ability to vote on matters related to company management and to decide on the allocation of financial resources. Additionally, owning these tokens enables access to unique benefits such as access to exclusive gemstones and special events organized by the company.

EmeraldsDAO currently has the following main collections:

  • Investor Collection – allows participation in profits and additional benefits.
  • Miners Collection – a collector’s collection with large rewards for collecting.
  • 1 Carat Collection – 1 token corresponds to 1 carat of emerald. This is the perfect token for beginners.
  • Charity Collection – funds are donated to poor children in Brazil.

You can read about the details of each collection on the project’s website.

The project intends to launch its own platform for trading gemstones, also in digital form.

The project is progressing according to plan. The first step was to sign a preliminary agreement for the purchase of an emerald mine in Brazil. The agreement with Save House for the use of safe deposit boxes for storing emeralds was signed last week in Switzerland.

The next step will be to sign an agreement with the GIA Institute, which will certify the extracted gems. The project also focuses on acquiring partners such as jewelry companies, top jewelry salons, jewelry designers, and fashion designers.

We invite everyone interested to visit the EmeraldsDAO project website and join the social media channels, including Discord, to learn more details about this innovative investment project.






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