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The Man Who Has Made A Fortune Buying Presale Recalls His Best Buys, Says Whales Buy Presales And Is Banking Big On RenQ Finance (RENQ)


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Investing in cryptocurrency presales can be a highly lucrative endeavor, with the potential to reap massive returns. One individual who has made a fortune buying presales is the man behind the pseudonym “Crypto Spider”.

In a recent interview, Crypto Spider shared some of his most successful presale investments and revealed that he is currently betting big on RenQ Finance (RENQ).

Crypto Spider’s most successful presale investments

Crypto Spider has made a name for himself in the crypto world as a savvy investor with a knack for identifying promising presales. Some of his most successful investments include:

  1. ChainGuardian (CGG): Crypto Spider invested in CGG during its presale phase and saw a return of over 10x within a few months of launch.
  2. Nerve Network (NVT): Crypto Spider invested in NVT during its presale and saw a return of over 40x within six months of launch.
  3. Seedify.fund (SFUND): Crypto Spider invested in SFUND during its presale phase and saw a return of over 30x within a few months of launch.

Why whales buy presales

According to Crypto Spider, one of the reasons why whales buy presales is the potential for massive returns. In the early stages of a project, tokens are often sold at a discount, providing early investors with the opportunity to get in at a lower price and potentially reap significant gains as the project grows and gains traction.

Another reason why whales buy presales is the ability to influence the project’s direction. As early investors, whales may have more say in the development of the project and can help steer it in a direction that benefits their own interests.

Why Crypto Spider is betting Big on RenQ Finance (RENQ)

Crypto Spider sees much potential in RenQ Finance (RENQ), a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi. The platform offers a range of DeFi services, including yield farming, liquidity provision, and asset management.

RenQ Finance has already gained significant traction in the crypto world, with a successful presale that raised $13 million and attracted interest from a number of high-profile investors.

Crypto Spider believes that RenQ Finance has the potential to become a major player in the DeFi space, with a strong team and a clear vision for the future. He is betting on the project and sees it as a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

Unique features of RenQ Finance

RenQ Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that offers a wide range of features to users. Some of the unique features of RenQ Finance include:

Innovative tokenomics: RenQ Finance’s tokenomics are designed to benefit both long-term investors and traders. The platform has a fixed supply of 100 million RENQ tokens, with a 10% transaction fee on all trades. Of this fee, 5% goes to RENQ holders, while the other 5% is burned, reducing the token supply over time.

  1. Liquidity mining: RenQ Finance offers liquidity mining rewards to users who provide liquidity to its pools. These rewards are paid out in RENQ tokens, and users can earn additional rewards by staking their RENQ tokens.
  2. Yield farming: RenQ Finance allows users to earn high yields on their cryptocurrency holdings by participating in yield farming. Users can stake their tokens in RenQ’s yield farming pools, and earn rewards in RENQ tokens.
  3. Dynamic APY: RenQ Finance’s APY is dynamic, meaning it changes depending on the level of liquidity in its pools. This ensures that users always earn a competitive yield on their cryptocurrency holdings.
  4. Cross-chain compatibility: RenQ Finance is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which allows it to be compatible with other blockchain networks. This means that users can easily transfer their cryptocurrency holdings to and from RenQ Finance, and participate in other DeFi platforms on different blockchain networks.
  5. Governance: RenQ Finance is a decentralized platform, meaning that it is governed by its community of users. RENQ token holders can vote on important platform decisions, such as changes to the fee structure or the addition of new features.
  6. Presale: RenQ Finance conducted a successful presale which is still in its presale stage 7, raising over $13 million in funding. The presale was oversubscribed, indicating strong demand for the RENQ token.


Investing in presales can be a highly profitable endeavor for those with the knowledge and expertise to identify promising projects. Crypto Spider is one such individual, with a track record of successful presale investments.

His bet on RenQ Finance (RENQ) underscores the potential for this decentralized finance platform to disrupt traditional finance systems and become a major player in the DeFi space.

While risks are inherent in any investment, RenQ Finance’s strong team, clear vision, and successful presale make it an intriguing opportunity for those looking to invest in the future of finance.

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