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LUNC Road to $1: L1JTF Upgrades Testnet to v2.0.0


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After completing the testnet upgrade to v2.0.0, the Terra Classic (LUNC) L1 team has now submitted a proposal to upgrade the mainnet to v.2.0.0 by May 17.

The Terra Classic (LUNC) community continues to champion the project’s revitalization plan despite a few hurdles faced along the way. In the latest development, the L1 Joint Task Force (L1JTF) just upgraded the rebel-2 testnet to v2.0.0. This paved the way for a Terra Classic mainnet upgrade to v2.0.0. 

The testnet, which was recently upgraded to v.2.0.0 with Cosmos SDK v.0.45, presents a secure and controlled environment for the L1 team to carry out testing for upgrades to be carried out on the Terra Classic mainnet. The successful testnet upgrade was disclosed by Till, a part-time developer for the L1 team.


According to Till, only six validators participated, including Allnodes, StakeBin, and Lunanauts. Individuals like reXx called attention to the limited number of validators that agreed to participate in the testing, noting that the number should be at least 30. 

However, others mentioned that they understand the financial constraints that led to this shortage of participating validators. Unexpectedly, Professor Edward Kim, who recently left the L1JTF to pursue his AI chain project, was noted to have contributed to the testing. 

Following the successful testnet upgrade, LuncBurnArmy, the L1 team’s project manager, submitted a proposal to upgrade the Terra Classic (core) mainnet to v2.0.0. Notably, the proposal seeks to implement the v2.0.0 upgrade on May 17. The update will introduce upgrades to Tendermint v34.24 and Cosmos SDK v0.45.13. 


Information from the L1 team’s second Q2 Sprint Medium article also details that the v2.1.0 update will be the next upgrade after v2.0.0, and it is scheduled for May 31. This is expected to introduce Cosmwasm v1.1.0.

It bears mentioning that the Cosmwasm update will bring parity to Cosmos and Luna 2.0, allowing developers on these networks to build on the Terra Classic chain. This is expected to reintroduce utility to the LUNC network. 

The Implications of This to Terra Classic (LUNC)

The community formed the L1 team to help carry out development work on the Terra Classic network’s journey to revitalization. Following a successful Q1, the team has set up goals for its Q2 development work. The successful test and the expected upgrade to v2.0.0 indicate that work is going as expected, and the chain is moving closer to reawakening.

The recent development comes up barely a week after Professor Edward Kim released images of the whitepaper of his forthcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) chain dubbed Block Entropy.

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