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6 Cryptos Ready To 10x Investments In 2023


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We are only a few months into 2023 and the crypto has been overall positive, with good growth for most, if not all, coins. That begs the question: which coins or tokens should one invest in this year? Fortunately, there are indications that you can look for in cryptos to decide which is most likely to do so.

1.   Early Stages of Rise

Cryptos that specifically are new in the market, are the ones to look at. New ones nearly always rally, especially at the token launch stage.

That being said, even established cryptos can have a very steep rise.  Strong fundamental and technical indicators can reveal how they may perform in the short and long term. Analysis of the indicators can be highly helpful in making the right decision.

2.   Project News and Roadmap

Check out the latest news on crypto and mainstream websites about the project or the token. Alternatively, have a look at their roadmap and blog. Has the project announced the completion of a milestone or said they are working on the next breakthrough? Is any accomplishment underlined in the roadmap near the target date?

These things can help you gain insight into the crypto’s demand in the coming days and weeks, allowing you to invest earlier than others and maximize profit taking.

3.   Expert Opinions

Dig around and see what other traders are saying. Everyone will have their own opinion, which may vary from good to bad, or even good to very good. There are two ways to look at this.

If most of the experts and professionals have positive price predictions, the crypto will likely jump up. Alternatively, you can see the analysts’ history of price predictions and see how accurate they are. A few good number crunchers’ opinions just may outweigh others.

4.   Potential Market Size

Look at the current market cap and tokens in circulation. Pair it with the price prediction and estimate the future market size. Strong marketcap cryptos generally can pull their weight.

Most crypto indexing platforms use the overall marketcap to rank cryptos and being in the top 100, 50, or 10, etc. can be a cause of further price rally.

5.   Use Case(s)

A crypto shouldn’t be for the sake of being a crypto. It and its platform have to carry a proper set of use case(s). The crypto shouldn’t be a fad, but practical and address some real-world issue that needs to be solved.

True, some people have made profits by investing in baseless coins, but these are flukes. Ask yourself this: would you prefer to gamble or invest in a token than show sustainability over time?

6.   Platform and Token Security

Pump and dump, rugpulls, and exploits are becoming increasingly common in the crypto world. Tokens that have had security audits from reputable firms are safer from hacks, manipulation, and fraud.

The confidence these tokens instill obviously ties into higher price predictions.

So Which Cryptos are Ready to 10x?

We have consulted our experts and they have said that 6 cryptos have all the indications pointing towards a possible 10x rise within this year:

  • Uwerx: In its presale stage, its WERX token checks all the boxes of having the potential to explode this year. The upcoming freelancing platform caters to an expected $455 billion industry, is going to be a DAO (no ownership by developers) and no taxes by the platform.
  • Dogecoin (DOGE): Many experts believe that the king of memecoin, though low at this point, is ready to make a comeback.
  • Polkadot (DOT): Dubbing itself the internet of blockchain, Polkadot (DOT) offers interoperability and has recently announced Polkadot Academy in collaboration with UC Berkeley, starting this July.
  • Optimism: With over $500 million in TVL, it is the largest Layer-2 solution for Ethereum.
  • Liquity (LQTY): Gaining grounds as its LUSD captures market sentiment after established stablecoins take a hit from regulators
  • Polygon (MATIC): Faster and with near zero transaction cost, Polygon (MATIC) is all set to rise with GameFi, NFT, and Web3 resurgence this year.

We believe that though all can be 10x, Uwerx is the most likely as it is secure with dual audits (InterFi Network and Solidproof), is in its presale stage ($0.00995 right now), and caters to a real-life multi-billion dollar market. The price increase due later on today at 20:30 will be for $0.012; the purchase bonus will continue at 20%.





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