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Is STEPN (GMT) Doomed? Why Are The Investors Fleeing To This Rival Token With 5,000% Upside Potential?


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Web3 is gradually changing everything we do, including the way we shop, move, and interact with people. Previously, people used to walk or jog to keep fit or for pure fun. But thanks to the Web3 app called STEPN, we can now walk, jog, or run and still get paid for it.

After hitting the market, the STEPN app quickly gained popularity among investors thanks to its innovative move-to-earn model in the Web3 and health sectors. However, as time went by, the profitability of STEPN’s native coin dwindled. As a result, many STEPN investors are now turning to another promising coin that has the potential to yield a whopping 5000% ROI in just a year: Pikamoon.

Is STEPN doomed?

STEPN rose to fame last year by promising to pay people to move about and keep healthy. In fact, according to the app’s official website, it has helped people burn about 11 billion calories (at the time of writing).

To use STEPN, users have to download the mobile app, select a pair of sneakers, and start walking, running, or jogging to accumulate energy points. These points can be converted to STEPN coins and then traded for real money. Players don’t need to have a smartwatch to track movement, as the app does this and rewards users accordingly.

Once the golden child of move-to-earn space, STEPN’s star has been on a slow fade. Despite the initial hype, the STEPN coin has been underwhelming, and investors are looking elsewhere for the next big thing. Enter Pikamoon, the new ERC-20 token that has captured the imagination of top investors with its potential for explosive gains of up to 5000% this year alone. The shift in sentiment is clear: Pikamoon is the name on everyone’s lips now.

Pikamoon : The Name on Everyone’s Lips

Pikamoon is an in-game metaverse token that powers a gaming metaverse called the Pikaverse. Built on both the Ethereum and MultiversX blockchains, Pikamoon can scale seamlessly without glitches or technical difficulties, allowing it to accommodate thousands of players simultaneously.

Players are rewarded with the Pikamoon token (PIKA) for either exploring the Pikaverse or fighting malevolent elements. Unlike many Web3 games, players can cash out their earnings from the game directly or use them to buy assets like health and power-ups.

Pikamoon has more than just an exciting play-to-earn game and an engaging storyline to offer players. With a partnership with Kevuru Games and the impressive Unreal Engine 5, the game boasts some of the most stunning graphics in the entire Metaverse. Players will be transported to a visually immersive world that will leave them awestruck and fully engaged in the Pikamoon gaming experience.

The promise of life-changing profits is alluring, and investors are flocking to Pikamoon in droves. With impressive utility and an innovative earning model, this coin has the potential to skyrocket in value. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; seasoned crypto investors know that the early bird catches the worm. Join the Pikamoon presale now and give yourself the chance to end the year on a financial high note.

Easiest Way to Make 300% in 2023

Want to make some serious cash in 2023? Then you need to get in on the Pikamoon presale NOW. The first stage is LIVE, and let me tell you, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Buy $PIKA at 0.0002 USD in the first phase and watch your profits soar. But don’t wait too long; with each subsequent phase, the price goes up to 0.0004 USD in the second phase and 0.0006 USD in the third.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be a rookie investor and miss out on this epic chance to turn your financial dreams into reality. Get in on the Pikamoon presale now and join the big leagues of crypto.

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