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FCA Approved Individual Says XRP Army Deserves Gratitude for Exposing SEC Hypocrisy


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TipsyTiger says SEC’s problems started after the regulator attacked the XRP community. 

Prominent XRP community member TipsyTiger, who describes himself as an FCA-approved individual, said XRP community members deserve gratitude for the roles they played in exposing the SEC’s hypocrisy and ethics violations at the agency. 

“What I would like is some gratitude to the XRP community who have continually shown the SEC’s hypocrisy, ethics violations, overreach, collusion, cover-ups, blatant disregard for the law, revolving door policy, regulation by enforcement, disregard for investor protection, & finally potential corruption,” said TipsyTiger. 

TipsyTiger’s remark was in response to Rep. Warren Davidson’s recent tweet, who called on the United States Congress to provide reforms for the SEC that “eliminates the chairmanship and empowers the commission.”

Rep. Davidson said consensus is building as the US Chamber of Commerce filed an amicus curiae brief supporting Coinbase against the SEC. 

According to TipsyTiger, XRP community members have shared more evidence to back up claims against the SEC than any other community in the regulator’s hypocrisy. 

He added that no one cared nor listened when XRP enthusiasts warned in December 2020 that the SEC would come for everything. 

“No one listened, no one cared, no one did a damn thing. Oh, sorry, they did. They mocked this community while cheering on the SEC. Stupidity at its finest,” he said

Furthermore, TipsyTiger asserted that the information leading to the allegations about the SEC’s gross overreach and ethics violation first came from the XRP community. 

“[…] Take your ‘I’m glad consensus is building’ and remember XRP holders have been running this marathon against the SEC for years, so don’t pat yourselves on the back for starting at the finish line,” TipsyTiger added. 

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Lele Jima
Lele Jima
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