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Alpha Lions CEO Says Hold This Amount of XRP To Become Financially Free


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According to Farina, investors who are patient enough to scale through the turbulence can become financially free in the long term by HODLing 10K XRP.

Edward Farina, the CEO of Alpha Lions Academy and Head of Social Adoption at XRP Healthcare, believes investors could attain financial freedom in the long-term by HODLing 10,000 XRP until the asset stages its next life-changing bull run. Notably, 10K XRP is currently worth $4,643.

Farina made this bold assertion while responding to a poll from Jenna Kady, a crypto YouTuber and former Head of Social Adoption at XRPayNet. Kady launched the poll to seek the XRP community’s opinion on whether or not an investor needs to hold up to 150K XRP ($69,645) to become an XRP millionaire in the future.

The vast majority of the respondents, about 63%, believe one would need less than 150,000 XRP. Farina, who is among this 63%, set a more ambitious initial investment amount of 10K XRP. However, Farina stressed that this is just his opinion. As such, it shouldn’t serve as investment advice.

“If you hold all the way through the complex journey that awaits us, including ups and downs, FUD & more, with plenty of patience, a cold wallet, and knowing how to handle emotions, 10K XRP should set you free. My opinion,” he declared in a tweet.


As previously reported by The Crypto Basic, Kady’s poll was triggered by BitBoy’s past comment on how much proponents would need to become XRP millionaires in the future. BitBoy set the initial investment amount to 150,000 XRP, as he called for a more conservative price outlook. However, most XRP proponents disagree.

XRP Gains in Five Consecutive Days

Recall that Egrag, a notable crypto analyst, recently forecasted a potential 30,000% pump for XRP, citing historical data. A 10K XRP ($4,643) investment would yield $1.39 million should the asset attain a price rally of 30,000%.

In the meantime, XRP has continued to post intraday gains since its 1.51% loss on May 13. The asset has gained its longest winning intraday streak in over a month in five consecutive days since then. XRP has finally towered over the $0.46 zone, currently trading for $0.4643. XRP has gained by 10.47% in the past week.

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