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Bitboy Predicts XRP Amount Required to Become a Millionaire, Advocates Conservative Approach


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Crypto influencer Bitboy suggests holding approximately 150,000 (150k) XRP tokens to become an XRP millionaire, sparking debate from the community.

In a recent video, the renowned crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, popularly called Bitboy, stated the amount of XRP, the Ripple network tokens, a crypto investor must hold to take a millionaire status.

In Armstrong’s view, a crypto enthusiast needs to hold 150k units of Ripple tokens to become an XRP millionaire. Expectedly, the community was set ablaze by the crypto influencer’s sentiment, igniting a myriad of responses. Some people conducted polls to seek the collective wisdom of the crypto community, eager to uncover insights on the matter.

A poll by Jenna, a famous XRP influencer, attracted a considerable response from XRP enthusiasts. Interestingly, most responders think one needs way less than 150k units of XRP to become a millionaire.

Additionally, while 62.5% of the respondents think they need less than 150k XRP, the runner-up group, with 22.6% votes, thinks 150K sounds right.


Bitboy Reacts

However, Armstrong made a cautionary remark, reiterating the importance of a conservative approach following the result of a poll.

Bitboy’s comments followed his own estimation that 150k XRP would put one in a millionaire status. In light of the result, Armstrong cautioned against being too aggressive with predictions, highlighting the potential harm such overzealousness can inflict on individuals.

He drew lessons learned during the previous bull run and emphasized the importance of a more conservative mindset. He pointed out that while ambitious predictions may be tempting, they can lead to unrealistic expectations and potentially hurt investors.

He said: “I learned one thing from the last bull run – being more conservative never hurt anyone. Being too aggressive with predictions can hurt people.”


Notably, for 150k XRP to make one a millionaire, the coin needs to trade above $6.7, and it currently costs about $65k to acquire 150k XRP, given the current price of $0.4271.

On the other hand, Edward Farina, a crypto enthusiast, shared an optimistic view on XRP, suggesting that holding 10,000 XRP tokens could lead to financial freedom, unlike the 150k suggestion of Bitboy.

Bitcoin Trader Mocks BitBoy

TheCryptoBasic recently reported how a popular Bitcoin trader Nebraskan Gooner taunted BitBoy for his suggestions on becoming an XRP millionaire. Gooner shared a screenshot of an article and highlighted the two steps mentioned by BitBoy, which included creating a token and using the proceeds to buy $1 million worth of XRP.

While Gooner’s taunt was unrelated to the article, his focus was on BitBoy’s recent association with the newly launched BEN meme coin, hinting that Bitboy would rug-pull the BEN coin project, as some others have suggested.

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