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Cardano Founder Hails World Mobile as Firm Utilizes Cardano for Global Expansion


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World Mobile continues to make moves towards worldwide expansion, as it leverages the Cardano blockchain to connect the unbanked population.

In a recent tweet, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), expressed his admiration for World Mobile as the company leverages the power of Cardano’s blockchain technology for its global expansion moves. The firm’s efforts have been bolstered by the existing partnership with IOHK.

Hoskinson, known for his visionary approach to blockchain solutions, highlighted that Cardano was explicitly designed to support initiatives like World Mobile that aim to provide connectivity and financial services to the unbanked population. He acknowledged the remarkable work carried out by World Mobile and IOHK in this domain.

The Cardano founder made these remarks while responding to a disclosure from Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile. Watkins, popularly called Mr. Telecom, took to Twitter today to call attention to the company’s impressive expansion moves.

Watkins cnveyed his enthusiasm regarding the forthcoming expansion phase with a specific emphasis on the United States. Notably, he confidently highlighted the company’s pioneering self-sustaining sharing economy model, a disruptive force that has already caused significant ripples within the telecoms industry.

As the partnership between World Mobile and IOHK continues to flourish, it holds the promise of transforming the way telecommunications services are delivered, enabling a more inclusive and connected global society. With their shared vision and determination, the collaboration is poised to drive positive change and transform the telecommunications landscape.

Leveraging Cardano, World Mobile Expands to Four Continents

Positioned as a pioneering telecommunications company, World Mobile has rapidly expanded its operations to four continents and stationed itself as a global entity. The company has built a robust sharing economy that rivals or surpasses other decentralized wireless infrastructure (De-Wi) projects in the ecosystem.

World Mobile aims to create a new and lucrative market opportunity by bridging the digital divide and connecting the unconnected. The CEO recently revealed exciting plans during the March Community Update held on Twitter Spaces. The announcement centered around the company’s intention to extend the World Mobile network into Pakistan.

Watkins described the expansion strategy as a “copy and paste” approach, indicating a streamlined and efficient process for bringing connectivity to new regions. Last year, the company deployed $350 million to facilitate connectivity in Africa.

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