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Bitboy Ecstatic as BEN Coin Posts Over 101% in a Day


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Bitboy has expressed his elation over the recent 101% surge in the price of BEN, a meme-based project he is closely associated with.

Prominent crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong, widely recognized as Bitboy, has expressed his elation over the substantial surge in the value of BEN token, a recently-introduced meme asset with close ties to the influencer.

The digital asset, which had garnered considerable interest in recent weeks, underwent an astounding surge of 101.9% in a span of just one day, provoking a sense of enthusiasm among investors and capturing the attention of the cryptocurrency community.

BitBoy, who recently emphasized his involvement in the team behind the BEN project, took to Twitter today to express his satisfaction with the asset’s run. Demonstrating a sense of triumph, he remarked: “Let’s go bois BEN,” accompanied by a chart showcasing BEN’s remarkable ascent.

Seeking to send a message to individuals that have critiqued the project, BitBoy said: “People are going to be sadly mistaken if they doubt BEN. I can’t believe people still fade me. You would think they would learn by now.”

This response was prompted by crypto enthusiast Jake Gagain’s commendation and viewpoint that the BEN coin had the potential to ascend to the top-50 category among the most significant coins in this cycle.

BEN Coming on Top Exchanges

Bitboy said the BEN token would soon be launched on 6 top exchanges.


Crypto Whale Buys Billions of BEN

While Bitboy celebrated the unprecedented growth of BEN, a crypto investor named Cryptopolitan.eth made notable moves in the market at about the same time. 

According to a market tracker, the trader acquired 64.84 million PSYOP tokens, worth approximately 112 ETH or $203,000, and purchased a staggering 285 billion BEN tokens with 26.3 ETH or $48,000. 

While investors like Cryptopolitan.eth actively seek out opportunities and make strategic investments with BEN tokens, some industry leaders think the meme coin project will rug pull, leaving investors bearing bags with dust.

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