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Whales Fleeing From Tezos (XTZ) Find Safety In A New GameFi Token, Say It’s Their Only Hope For An Explosive Return This Year


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Whales, the influential players in the cryptocurrency market known for their substantial holdings, are making a bold move. They are abandoning Tezos (XTZ) and flocking to a new GameFi token, driven by their pursuit of explosive returns in the current year.

Tezos, once a favourite among whales, has lost its shine. These discerning investors have recognised that their path to extraordinary gains lies elsewhere. They have found refuge in a new and promising GameFi token, viewing it as their sole hope for revitalising their fortunes.

With the allure of unparalleled growth and the exciting realm of GameFi, these whales are eagerly embracing this fresh opportunity. Their migration from Tezos to the new token signals a significant shift in market dynamics as they seek the next lucrative venture to fuel their ambitions.

Keep reading to discover the driving forces behind their decisions and what gamefi project they are moving to for explosive returns.

Can I Still Invest in Tezos?

Let’s go down history lane: Tezos ($XTZ) launched in 2017 at $1.66. It then surged to an all-time high of $12.19 by mid-December 2017. That’s about a 634% increase in value. This colossal boom would be for those who bought the token when it launched at $1.66. The price is no longer at that level due to many factors.

If you missed out on Tezos for reasons best known to you, it’s not the end of the world. There is a new memecoin that can generate more money for you in 2023 than what Tezos offered. Pikamoon is the new token that whales are banking on to recover their losses and make them richer.

What is Pikamoon About?

Pikamoon is an exciting project that revolves around its native currency, $PIKA, and offers a captivating play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience. What sets Pikamoon apart is its strong community support, which plays a crucial role in the project’s success.

Within the Pikamoon community, you’ll find seasoned crypto experts and investors who have a proven track record of identifying promising projects. This united community functions like a family, working together towards a common goal and creating a thriving ecosystem.

One of the standout features of Pikamoon is its captivating storyline set in the Pikaverse, specifically within the world of Dreva. Each region in Dreva is governed by Gods representing Earth, Water, Lightning, and Fire. The Earth Gods, who created the first Pikamoon using the gift of Lifemold, set the stage for a tale of intrigue and conflict. As you embark on your Pikamoon journey, you’ll delve into the rich culture, technology, and adventure that each region has to offer.

The credibility of Pikamoon is further reinforced by its partnerships with renowned brands such as Transak, Digital Nova, Kevuru Games, and CryptoNews.com. These collaborations not only signify trust but also pave the way for the project’s future success. In fact, more prominent brands are actively seeking partnerships with Pikamoon, highlighting the widespread excitement and anticipation surrounding the project.

With its promising roadmap, dedicated community, captivating storyline, and strong partnerships, Pikamoon presents an enticing opportunity for both gamers and investors. The project’s potential for substantial returns and a brighter future has attracted the attention of crypto enthusiasts and industry leaders. Embrace the Pikamoon experience and join the journey towards a better and more promising tomorrow.

Pikamoon Presale

Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity presented by Pikamoon. With the current price of $0.0004 and the second phase of the presale drawing to a close, time is of the essence. By investing now, you have the potential to enjoy a substantial return on investment, with an impressive 150% ROI waiting for you.

Those who were wise enough to join the first presale round of Pikamoon are already positioned to reap remarkable rewards. As the token prepares to launch, early investors can expect an astonishing ROI of over 20,000%. It’s an opportunity for financial freedom that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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