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BOB Token Whales Have Started Selling; They Are Now Accumulating This New Memecoin Massively!


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BOB token was one of those memecoins that had the whole industry talking, rallying over 3000% in just a few weeks after launch. Despite not catching the eye of several investors at the time of release, this token still did amazing numbers, leaving some investors regretting missing the majority of the token’s rise. However, the introduction of a new memecoin, set to be the next big thing in the crypto market, presented a fresh opportunity for these whales and is causing a stir in the industry.

Expected to hit insane heights with over 1000% potential returns, $BOB token whales and other savvy investors do not want to miss out on this new token, wasting no time in switching their portfolios. They are selling their BOB tokens and accumulating this new memecoin massively in its ongoing presale.

Why is this new memecoin attracting legions of big investors? And what does the future hold for this fast-rising P2E project? Grab a cup of coffee and keep reading to find out.

Why are BOB Token Whales Selling?

BOB coin’s lack of utility has limited its progress. This classic meme token with no use case has struggled to maintain its momentum and growth. And with no network change or upgrade, BOB token relies heavily on investors’ sentiment to maintain its position in the crypto market.

But, with the recent launch of Pikamoon (PIKA), a new Play2Earn project braced with advanced technologies and several use cases, BOB token whales finally found that much-awaited alternative.

Consequently, many of them have started shifting to PIKA, resulting in bearish investors’ sentiment and a downward trend for BOB Token. As a result, other BOB token whales are also compelled to sell and reallocate their portfolios to this skyrocketing P2E crypto.

What is Pikamoon (PIKA)?

Pikamoon’s play2earn game is set in an advanced gaming world called the Pikaverse. Here, gamers build empires by going on quests and discovering treasures to earn in-game rewards, which can be NFTs or the $PIKA token. In addition, there is an in-game marketplace in the Pikaverse where players can trade assets their gaming avatars need using $PIKA.

Why are BOB Token Whales Switching to Pikamoon (PIKA)?

Pikamoon sets the standard higher by building on one of the best gaming engines in the industry, Unreal Engine 5, creating high anticipation among gamers who can’t wait to experience all the adventure and thrills Pikamoon’s Pikaverse has for them. This growth in anticipation and usage eventually means an increase in the use of the native token, $PIKA, during in-game activities and beyond.

  • A Rewarding Play2Earn Structure

With Pikamoon’s P2E gaming structure and its top-of-the-line reward system, power is back in the hands of the gamers. In the Pikaverse, gamers who complete missions and win quests are rewarded with $PIKA tokens and NFTs, which can be easily converted to fiat currency. This allows players to have fun in the Pikaverse while also earning a decent income.

  • Lucrative Tokenomics

Investors can’t help but get excited about the Pikamoon (PIKA) project’s tokenomics framework. $PIKA is a deflationary token. This deflationary nature leads to a gradual reduction in the total token supply.

With its various use cases and successful gameplay rewards, $PIKA’s demand is set to skyrocket, causing a scarcity that is sure to boost its value. This is a sure-fire profitable opportunity for investors and gamers, so it’s no wonder people are jumping on board the PIKA train!

Pikamoon’s Presale is a Sure-Fire Ticket to Making Money in 2023

$PIKA’s presale is currently in its second phase, with one PIKA selling for just $0.0004 following a 200% increase after the first phase. Investors that took part in the first phase of the presale already made twice the amount they invested by investing early.

You’re still in luck, as investing in the ongoing second phase of the presale sets you on course for a minimum increase of 50% as the token is expected to reach at least $0.0006 by the third and final phase of the presale. The presale is selling out fast, with investors and whales scrambling to buy the token. With a potential 1000% when the project launches, anyone that misses out on this get-rich opportunity will surely live with regret.

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