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35 Most Recent Vechain Partnerships


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Vechain partnerships are developing day by day, The CEO of Vechain along with its team is engaged in the successful journey of Vechian.

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Vechain partnerships with giants like BMW, Kuehne + Nagel, Game of Thrones Sneakers, Walmart, China’s Shanghai Gas, Haier, and many others.

Let us have a look in detail at these latest Vechain partnerships.

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1) Vechain Became A Council Member Of China Animal Health And Food Safety Alliance

Vechain became the council member of China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance (CAFA) on Sep 17, 2020.

The Alliance has 130 members including big names like Walmart, IBM, Mcdonald, and more.

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These members are large companies that cover areas like food manufacturers, Beverage manufacturers, Supermarkets, Animal supplies, Ecommernce platforms, Research labs and others.

Vechain will be the only blockchain technology provider to these 130 council members.

CAFA is a Chinese government backed organization that comes under Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China.

Vechain will provide blockchain technology to all alliance members that will help them process their food products in blockchain in a secure way, which will develop more trust and a strong relationship between the customers and companies.

For more details visit Vechain Medium.

2) Vechain To Design Chips for the New Game of Thrones Sneakers

VET is connected in a PR campaign for the last season of Game of Thrones.

HBO, Adidas, and SBTG are too involved in the campaign.

These are unique footwear for the houses Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen and Night King.

The design of the shoes was made by the chief designer of SBTG and Adidas produced the shoes.

The shoes also contain high-quality tracking chips.

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This is where Vechain comes in. The chips are based on VeChain technology.

Customers can track the shoes and check the authenticity of the sneakers with the help of chips installed in every pair of Shoes.

3) Partnerships With Walmart

Walmart is an American multinational retail giant renowned for its retail chains.

Walmart is currently the largest food retailer in the United States and is in the top five in China.

With the help of the VeChainThor blockchain, Walmart China originated the Walmart China Blockchain tracking program in June 2019.

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The products in 23 various product lines allow customers a new level of faith and reliance in the commodities they buy, by enabling them to track their products from the source of buy to retail stores using Vechain blockchain.

Walmart’s intention is to present 50% of whole packaged meat, 40% of vegetables, and 12.5% of seafood by the close of 2020 applying VeChain’s robust platform.

4) VeChain Partners with China’s Shanghai Gas

VeChain stretches to earn acceptance in China.

After Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech in October stating that China must “seize the opportunities” that blockchain offers.

VeChain has built numerous distinguished partnerships in China.

For example, the VeChain Foundation has joined with the Anhui Tea Association and was advertised by the state media in China.

As announced recently, China’s Shanghai Gas (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenergy Group Company Limited, with $ 592 million in assets partners with VeChain to implement an “energy as-a-service “ecosystem.

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Shanghai Gas is a giant in the Chinese natural and liquefied natural gas market.

The company holds 90 percent of the Shanghai gas market and is the most considerable gas provider in China.

In 2018, Shanghai Gas, ENN Energy Holdings, and VeChain brought a leader project for the liquefied natural gas storage and distribution center in Zhoushan.

As the VeChain blog post states, Shanghai Gas was passionate regarding the outcomes of the pilot project, which is why the partnership now intends to optimize business processes for the entire company by reducing operating costs and improving the efficiency of the supply chain.

5) Partnership with DNV GL

DNV GL is a certified Norwegian licensed Register organization and has tremendous fame in the supply chain industry, keeping a global market share of 21%.

VeChain and DNV GL declare a partnership that concentrates on the clarity of information about products and suppliers in the supply chain to enhance efficiency.

DNV GL is operating with food producers to guarantee food safety throughout the chain.

The partnership connecting VeChain and DNV GL is meaningful, as it assists as a gateway to multiple additional partnerships.

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6) Partnership with H&M

The H&M brand Arket has been practicing the Thor blockchain from VeChain since 2018 to track products and guarantee their authenticity.

Now the collaboration has been stretched to the H&M fashion label COS.

VeChain uses distinctive tags for the Arket brand that document the production process and authenticity of products through the Thor blockchain.

The Arket brand products are available with tags in Chinese retail stores. The tags were working perfectly.

According to the Vechain, it tracks more than 4,000 products in various categories from manufacturers to end-users.

7) Partnerships with “Norway in a box”

Norway in a box is committed to delivering standard Norwegian food to the rest of the world.

“Norway in a box” exercise manufacturing, packaging, and sealing of food from Norway to rest of the world, and the entire process is tracked and stored in Vechain blockchain.

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8) Partnership with PriceWaterhouseCooper

VeChain becomes a partner with PriceWaterhouseCooper to produce a blockchain tracking system and their collaboration promoted Vechain to gain the attention of Walmart China as their new Partner.

The traceability system empowers customers to scan QR codes to get information about product status, product location, product logistics, and product inspection reports.

9) Vechain Partnership with Haier

Haier is the most comprehensive industrial platform.

The intent of the collaboration between VET and Haier is to combine blockchain into its Cosmoplat solution.

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On April 1, 2019, VeChain, DNV GL, and Haier signed a three-way partnership to use blockchain in the garment industry.

Haier purposes to use blockchain in all relevant cases during the lifecycle of clothing management.

10) Vechain National Level Partnership With China

Gui’an New Area is an economic community zone controlled by the Chinese government.

VeChain is entitled to be the government’s blockchain technology partner for planning, developing, and implementing blockchain-based processes for the government.

This division became the heart of high-tech industries in Western China with a focus on data, blockchain, and cloud computing.

Some of the businesses that commence operations in the new Gui’an district are Apple, IBM, Huawei, China Mobile, Microsoft, and Tencent.

The new zone is an analysis area for the performance of high and innovative technologies to improve the efficiency of the Chinese government.

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11) Partnership With Yida China Holdings

VeChain and Yida confirm a partnership that studies past build solutions for Yida Group.

Yida is a famous IT management division in the country and Yida Future is a subsidiary of Yida Group that assists its technology division.

The purpose of the partnership is the provision of IT administrative solutions to the smart city of Guiyang.

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12) Partnership with Reebonz Holding Limited

Reebonz is the most prominent online luxury goods companies in Southeast Asia.

More than 1200 brands and 200 boutiques make Reebonz available to the customers through its online stores.

Reebonz intends to form a digital tag that guarantees product tracking, planning of supply chain, product supervision, and ownership proof applying VeChain technologies.

13) Partnerships with BitOcean

BitOcean is a Bitcoin ATM manufacturer in China.

VeChain and BitOcean form a vital partnership that includes adding VeChain tokens to their ATMs.

Bitocean wants VET to be purchased by Japanese yen. Which is part of their global development plan.

14) Vechain and BIOS in the Middle East

BIOS Middle East is the advanced cloud service provider in the UAE.

The company was endowed in 2002 and now serves more than 300 businesses.

BIOS Middle East integrates its Security with VeChain blockchain.

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This empowers them to encrypt essential data in the blockchain that reduces the possibility of changing the data by hackers.

15) Vechain And BMW

Like some of the other major firms that VeChain associates with, BMW doesn’t need any introduction.

The German carmaker is using VET blockchain technologies and is the 7th most considerable car manufacturer designing about 3.4 million cars per year.

This collaboration between VET and BMW led to the release of an app called VerifyCar, which is a digital passport for vehicles.

The app main feature is to fight odometer scams and empower users to see and record their maintenance history.

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16) Partnerships with Baijie Teng  Technology Corporation

VeChain and Baijie Teng are searching for how graphene and blockchain technology can be linked to battle copying of tags.

Baije Teng Technology is a developer of printed RFID tags that can be effortlessly ripped and finished, which makes them beneficial for using anti-counterfeit tags.

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17) Partnerships with NTT Docomo

NTT Docomo is Japan’s biggest telecommunications company, estimating for about 45% of all mobile phone subscriptions.

NTT Docomo picks VeChain in the group of partners for the 5G Program.

As 5G technology is the next main task for telecommunication companies, VeChain’s partnership’s purpose is to implement the most competent 5G  technologies employing VeChainThor blockchain.

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18) Vechain and Fuji Marumo Tea

Fuji MARUMO tea gardens resided in Shizuoka Japan are one of the most prominent regions for Japanese tea as these gardens are more than 90 years old.

Vechain function is too embedded NFC chips in the packaging of Fuji MARUMO Tea’a so that customers can verify the origin of their tea products, Expiry dates, and other product attributes using smartphones.

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19) Partnerships with the National Research Advisory Center of China

VeChain partner with the national research center of China to uncover answers for the Chinese tobacco industry.

VeChain solutions present the product originated place, anti-counterfeit methods to trace tobacco products in the supply chain, and to prevent smuggled cigarettes.

VeChain also serves as a helping assistant with regulatory authorities and design blockchain solutions for bogus products.

20) Vechain National Level Partnership With Republic of Cyprus

Vechain became a partner with Invest Cyprus which is the state partner for foreign investment in Cyprus.

The objective of the joint venture is the implementation of blockchain solutions in Cyprus.

Blockchain technology is used in the basic infrastructure, government operations, and financial services of  Cyprus by the assistance of Vechain.

21) Vechain And people’s insurance company of China

PICC is a property and accident insurance company in China that renders insurance help for vehicles, property, housing, and other areas.

VeChain became a partner with people’s insurance company of China with the cooperation of DNV GL.

Vechain is now administering a digital transformation in the entire PICC.

The partnership concentrate on guarding user data, ownership rights, and expanding existing AI without the need to go through difficult training sessions.

22) Vechain Partnerships with Energy Holdings Limited

Energy Holdings Limited founded in 1992 is one of the most general merchants of clean energy in China.

The company serves more than 17 million users in 19 of China’s 34 provinces has more than 500 wholly-owned companies.

ENN stated that they are working with Shanghai Gas Group and VeChain on a Liquified Natural Gas management solution.

Vechain technology will be applied to maintain the quality assurance process, analysis standards, weighing methods, and transportation means for diverse varieties of natural gas.

23) Vechain Partnerships with DB Schenker

DB Schenker is a German railway company. Which operates in the area of logistics, freight transport, and makes about $19.94 billion in profits per year.

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VeChain and DB Schenker collectively delivered a supplier evaluation system.

The main purpose of the system is to identify and remove hidden costs in the supply chain that affect both customers and suppliers.

With the help of this system, DB Schenker would be able to evaluate and then approve potential suppliers by examining the quality of services provided by them.

The supplier evaluation system also observes the performance of every supplier to decreasing costs, alleviating risk, guaranteeing compliance with the contract rules, and pushing constant growth.

24) Partnership with SBTG Surplus & Co

Mr. Sabotage owner of SBTG Surplus & Co is a well-known Singaporean shoe designer.

He produces sneaker designs for Nike, Puma, and Reebok. Many world-famous celebrities are regular customers of SBTG Surplus & Co.

SBTG with the assistant of Vechain designed shoes that comes with an embedded NFC chip. The Idea became extremely popular and the shoe was given the name of “Shoe of the Future”.

The mission of the Vechain embedded chip is that customers can easily check the authenticity of shoes, ensure they get the original shoe, and are not deceived by copy designs that look similar to the original product.

25) Vechain And Renault

Renault is a major car manufacturer just like BMW.

The French company was founded in 1899 and is the 6th largest automaker in the world.

VeChain Renault and Microsoft created a digital car maintenance book.

The aim was to build a digital library of car maintenance records.

Every work done in the shape of maintenance would be stored forever on Vechain blockchain.

History will be maintained that can help mechanics and users to find out technical and mechanical problems in cars and get help from the previous maintenance works.

26) Partnership with BYD

BYD which means Build Your Dreams is one of the largest car manufacturers, electric vehicles, and batteries in China, as well as a world leader in the production of battery-powered electric buses.

To reduce CO2 emissions the Chinese government has developed a solution in the shape of carbon banks.

Businesses that have huge carbon emission will have to pay for it by carbon credits.

But Businesses that overcome their carbon emission will get carbon credits.

DNV GL and VeChain have formed a system that is implemented on more than 900,000 vehicles and provides users to earn carbon credits by reducing carbon emission.

27) Vechain Partnership with Directed Imported Goods

Shanghai directed import, the central wine importer in China became a companion with VeChain to battle the illicit wine trade in China.

DIG outlets are also known for selling seafood, fruit, imported meat, and luxury items at low prices.

Vechain and DIG generated an authentication mechanism for expensive wines.

The bottles are provided with NFC chips to trace the source of the wine so that users cannot be tricked by fake copies of wine bottles that look original.

28) A partnership between Vechain and Shanghai eGrid

Shanghai eGrid is a technology and information services company that implements enterprise resource planning, Security protocol, and  Customer relationship management solutions.

VeChain and Shanghai eGrid have signed an agreement to combine Vechain blockchain into Shanghai eGrid’s solutions and business processes.

Shanghai eGrid Clients incorporate General Motors, BYD, Volkswagen, and many other well-known Chinese companies.

29) Vechain And LogSafer

LogSafer is the leading risk management, logistics insurance, and supply chain platform in China with more than 3,500 corporate clients.

LogSafer adopted VeChain blockchain technology in risk control, compensation management and to collect data on delivered goods to ensure that their data is safe and unchangeable.

30) Partnership with Bright Food

Bright Food is China’s largest food supplier and generated nearly $ 5 billion in revenue in 2020.

VeChain and Bright Food have developed BrightCode, an application designed that ensures product safety and tracks product lifecycle.

Customer confidence boosts when they get genuine products and can pursue product origin.

31) Partnership with iTaotaoke

iTaotaoke strives to implement a platform with Vechain that digitally identifies and differentiates each piece of content and makes sure the intellectual property rights of every content creator are digitally protected.

A platform where content writers and publishers can create and monetize quality content.

This partnership empowers iTaotaoke to build its reliability in the market and obtain the credence of their users.

32) Vechain Partnership with Fanghuwang

Fanghuwang is a real estate Finance company that gives mortgages for small and medium enterprises.

Fanghuwang pays special consideration to mortgage lending, cloud computing, and risk analysis, which lessen company financing costs by 81%.

VeChain and Fanghuwang are collaborating to bring solutions like quality, storage, system security, customer data collection systems, and reducing the costs to enrich customer experiences and Fanghuwang performance.

33) Vechain And LVMH

LVMH is a French multinational luxury goods company with famous brands like Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Dom Pérignon, Dior,  and TAG Heuer.

VeChain is working with major LVMH brands by installing VeChain chips in products so that users can easily monitor whether the brands are genuine or bogus.

34) Vechain And Kuehne + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel has over 84000 thousand employees at over 1420 locations in more than 100 countries are the world most renowned logistic company.

Kuehne + Nagel provides transportation services in Project, air, sea, and road logistics.

Supply chain services and industry services in the aerospace, automotive, consumer, and high tech industry.

Kuehne + Nagel uses Vechain’s technology in logistics and assets by equipping them with a chip including a private key that exhibits ownership information.

35) Vechain Partnerships with China Unicom

China Unicom is the fourth largest Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator.

VeChain has signed a partnership called the “Unicom cloud environmental strategic cooperation Agreement”.

Vechain’s role in the partnership is to use Blockchain as a service and help Unicom advance its business processes.


The way Vechain is grabbing these extraordinary partnerships more and more success seems to imminent for Vechain.

The price of Vechain token does not reflect the success of Vechain, The price of token of such a thriving Blockchain project should be around 1 Dollar.

With time Vechain will indeed seize more partnerships and achieve new heights of accomplishments.

What are your thoughts about Vechain token and Vechain partnerships? Please let us know in the comments.










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