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Dogecoin Investors Left In Shock By The Explosive Rise of This New Meme Coin!


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This new memecoin has made a remarkable entry into the crypto market, garnering significant attention and outperforming even established projects like DogeCoin. The successes achieved prior to its launch, the impressive growth witnessed during the first phase of the presale in April, and the immense potential identified by experts have all contributed to its rapid ascent and widespread acceptance.

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The astonishing surge of this hot new token has left the crypto market, including DogeCoin investors, in a state of bewilderment. Analysts are now projecting a potential 10,000% surge in the near future for its native token, $PIKA, making it a highly recommended investment for those seeking astronomical profits in 2023.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ride the wave of success with this promising memecoin.

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Pikamoon (PIKA) Catches the Attention of DogeCoin (DOGE) Investors

DogeCoin had an understated introduction to the crypto market, as many investors saw a joke coin quickly transform into a meme coin with widespread popularity and strong community support. What DogeCoin had working for it the most was its lighthearted aura and hype from prominent figures in the crypto world, soon winning over many whales and investors upon launch.

But, in the crypto market, the hype and influence of popular figures have limited impact because it takes sufficient utility and real-world value to sustain the growth of any project, including Dogecoin.

Despite an over 20% increase at the start of 2023, Dogecoin (DOGE) has struggled to keep its momentum. This meme coin lacks a convincing investment attraction and has no utility or real-world use case to maintain its prominence as a major altcoin and hold on to its investors.

This limitation opens the path for new revolutionary projects like Pikamoon (PIKA) to take over. With its native token, $PIKA, Pikamoon offers a more inviting and value-adding investment opportunity. Unlike DOGE, PIKA is a more promising digital investment for investors, with its many use cases, utilities, and the potential to skyrocket, as it’s doing in its ongoing presale.

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What is Pikamoon, and why is it on course for a possible 10,000% pump?

Not many P2E games can boast of a better version of the metaverse than Pikamoon Adventure’s Pikaverse. The gaming structure rewards successful gamers in the different in-game activities, like adventures, treasure hunts, and trades in the marketplace. This metaverse gaming world exists across four playing regions: the Earth, Fire, Water, and Electric regions. Gamers can convert their rewards and assets into real money on exchange platforms.

Also, considering the Pikamoon (PIKA) presale successes, it’s clear that this GameFi masterpiece has something going for it. From the revolutionary features, wealth-making prospects, and expert approvals, Pikamoon’s growth, and astronomical profits are no flukes.

  • Community Support from the Cream of the Crop

Pikamoon understands the role of an active community in the success of any crypto project and enjoys support from an active community of top gaming enthusiasts, successful investors, and crypto whales. With this community support from the elites, the project’s credibility gets a boost, setting it on the path to becoming a dominant presence in the GameFi world.

  • Presented by a Fully-Doxxed Team

The Pikamoon team is credible and enjoys the trust of the community and investors, having undergone transparency measures like KYC verification and audits by Coinsult, a leading blockchain audit firm. This fully-doxxed team provides a level of security that encourages more investment in the project with an assured promise of investment security.

  • Continuous and Sustainable Growth

Pikamoon has all it takes, unlike DogeCoin, to keep growing. Its core team’s primary focus is on rendering endless innovations and facilitating growth in the different areas of the project. This growth-induced foresight led to the decision to divert 10 billion of the 50 billion tokens minted towards these focus areas.

Pikamoon is a long-term project for investors seeking a promising and reliable project for the long term.

Pikamoon Presale Offers DogeCoin Investors and Others an Easy Shot at Insane Profits in 2023

The ongoing presale has already witnessed a successful sellout of its first phase, with the current price of 1 $PIKA standing at $0.0004, marking a significant 2x increase from its initial phase price of $0.0002. This presents an advantageous entry point for investors who recognise the potential for growth.

By participating in the second phase of the presale, investors position themselves for a projected 50% increase in value as $PIKA aims to reach $0.0006 by the final phase. This gradual price appreciation offers a compelling opportunity for those looking to capitalise on the upward momentum of this promising token.

That’s not all, as experts expect the token to deliver even more with a 10,000% pump before the end of the year. Savvy investors and whales don’t want to miss this opportunity and are scrambling to accumulate this token.

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