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Leading Platform Explains How Shiba Inu Tangem Cold Wallet is Different from Ledger


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A review portal compares the Tangem Shiba Inu wallet with Ledger, highlighting its unique security features, unlimited storage capacity, and user-friendly experience.

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Nordic Crypto, a well-known review portal, has provided an in-depth comparison between Tangem and Ledger, highlighting the key differences in both hardware wallets, following multiple comparison requests from the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community.

Notably, this review against regular Ledger wallets comes after The Crypto Basic reported the introduction of updated features and a smart backup system for the Tangem wallet following a recent giveaway of ten Shiba Inu cold storage wallets.

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In terms of security, Tangem, considered one of the most secure storage options on the market, offers a unique approach to security by storing private keys directly in a chip inside its wallet cards. This eliminates the need for seed phrases and adds an extra layer of protection against potential threats.

On the other hand, Ledger devices rely on seed phrases to safeguard private keys, which can be written down and stored separately. However, if someone gains access to the seed phrase, they can access the user’s crypto funds.

Tangem Has More Storage Capacity

Another significant distinction is the storage capacity. While Ledger wallets have limited space to store a few different crypto tokens, Tangem wallets have no storage limit, allowing users to store as many crypto tokens as desired without any restrictions.

Regarding usability, the Tangem wallet offers a more user-friendly experience with its mobile app, similar to popular wallets like Metamask. Transactions and actions can be verified by tapping the Tangem wallet against a mobile phone and entering a password. 

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In contrast, Ledger devices require a manual connection to a computer and the use of the Ledger Live program for verification. Although Ledger has a longer security track record since its establishment in 2015 without any hacks, Tangem has maintained a clean record since 2017. 

Tangem Shiba Inu Wallet is Water and Dust Proof

Moreover, Tangem’s durability stands out as its waterproof, dustproof, and bend-proof card offers enhanced physical protection for crypto assets, unlike Ledger devices with screens that can be easily damaged.

Furthermore, Tangem’s built-in “Wallet Connect” feature allows users to directly connect to DeFi applications and interact with sites effortlessly, which is unavailable with Ledger devices.

Ultimately, Nordic Crypto favors the Tangem wallet for its ease of use, safety, durability, utility, availability, storage capacity, and affordability. Although Ledger has a more extended historical security advantage, Tangem excels in almost all aspects, providing a secure and cost-effective storage solution for crypto enthusiasts.

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