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Meet The Upcoming Meme Coin WOJAK’S Investors Are Flocking To For Potential 20,000% Gains


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In the crypto market, top-performing projects like this upcoming meme coin make their presence felt from the get-go, with promising signs for everyone to see. And savvy investors never hesitate to ride the rocket by buying into such a project early enough, even if it means switching portfolios from other declining projects like Wojak.

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From its early stages, the fast-growing Pikamoon project started showing positive signs, seeing it pull numbers with an influx of investors and whales into its ecosystem. This article focuses on this upcoming hybrid memecoin and its success so far, reviewing possible factors responsible for its widespread appeal and game-changing success.

Why are Wojak Investors Abandoning the Project?

Wojak is a memecoin inspired by a popular green-faced human meme known for being terrible at doing office work. This memecoin shares several similarities with Pepecoin, being one of the most familiar memes alongside $PEPE but launching a few days earlier.

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Wojak’s primary goal is to promote the adaptation of decentralised platforms through memes. And with the spike across the meme coin market, this token enjoyed a remarkable bull run, seeing its price rise from $0.00012 to as high as $0.001027 in under 30 days. This growth rewarded early investors with over 10x profits. However, like PEPE, $WOJAK is taking on the appearance of a one-time pump-and-dump token.

Indeed, there are positive reviews about it, and, at one point, its market cap increased to over $35 million. Still, $WOJAK continues to lose ground at an incredible pace, dropping over 88% off its all-time high price and over 40% in the last 7 days, as per CoinMarketCap.

Right now, several early $WOJAK investors are flocking to this promising new hybrid meme coin, Pikamoon, for that insane gain.

What is Pikamoon?

Pikamoon (PIKA) is an exciting crypto project that combines a play-to-earn game with a strong community and innovative technologies. It offers a unique metaverse gaming experience called the Pikaverse, powered by the advanced Unreal Engine 5. This game provides immersive visuals and a thrilling gameplay experience, attracting a growing number of gamers. Pikamoon aims to address the limitations of the play-to-earn and GameFi sectors, making it a promising improvement.

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With its compelling features, Pikamoon presents a pathway to a potential 20,000% return on investment for those who hold $PIKA. The project offers various opportunities for profits, including marketplace earnings, in-game rewards, and the token’s potential for growth. This presents a lucrative opportunity for both investors and gamers to earn significant rewards.

How Does Pikamoon Achieve Creating a Rewarding, Fast-Rising, and Exciting GameFi Project?

  • Exceptional Gaming with Wealth-Making in One Place

Pikamoon seamlessly combines an excellent immersive game with wealth-making opportunities in one project.

For gamers, participating in activities in the Pikaverse like going on adventures, trading on the marketplace, and discovering treasures earns them rewards (NFTs or $PIKA) that can be converted to fiat in-game.

Investors also stand a chance to make profits when they invest in PIKA, as it rockets through profitable heights with the potential to do more.

  • Built on Two Top Blockchain Networks

This top project builds on two top NFT and metaverse blockchains, MultiversX (Elrond) and Ethereum. This allows Pikamoon to render the project’s revolutionary features without glitches, present Pikamoon Adventure flawlessly, and help the project scale seamlessly.

  • Leverages Solid Community Support

The Pikamoon community is the biggest supporter of the project with its active involvement in the project’s different activities, increasing its hype, participating in the ongoing presale, and playing the P2E game.

With top crypto experts, investors, and popular figures in its community, the project’s credibility is never in doubt.

Pikamoon Presale: Your Best Shot at Making 20,000% ROI This Year

$PIKA left the presale world stunned when it delivered a 100% profit in the first stage of its presale. With the second phase selling out fast, investors are hopeful the token will deliver more gains after getting twice their investment in the first stage.

With a potential 20,000% ROI looming, this presale sets investors, including Wojak investors, on course for massive gains when this GameFi token ($PIKA) hits $0.0006 at the final presale stage and a potential insane rise before 2023 ends.

Join other Wojak investors today and buy $PIKA today!

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