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Shiba Inu Advisors React As SHIB Dream Teases Ryoshi Plaza


SHIB Dream, the Twitter account of the Shibarmy media outlet, teases Ryoshi Plaza, the heart of the Shiba Inu Metaverse project.

In an exciting development for the Shiba Inu community, the eagerly anticipated Ryoshi Plaza in SHIB: The Metaverse is set to be revealed soon, according to a disclosure that has generated a wave of enthusiasm among Shiba Inu enthusiasts.

The disclosure came through a tweet from the SHIB Dream. The tweet displayed a breathtaking image showcasing the proposed metaverse.

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“As we continue to build anticipation, we want to announce the upcoming reveal of the anticipated Ryoshi Plaza…” the tweet says.


The SHIB Dream account noted that Ryoshi Plaza would be a remarkable space poised to become the beating heart of the Shib Metaverse, promising awe-inspiring beauty and an array of rich cultural references to captivate users.

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Marcie Jastrow Reacts

Marcie Jastrow, the Metaverse Advisor for Shiba Inu, acknowledged the unique nature of Ryoshi Plaza and emphasized the importance of ensuring its perfection before the grand unveiling.

This is something special and probably won’t be revealed until it’s perfect…” Jastrow remarked.


The SHIB Dream replied to Jastrow’s sentiments, expressing gratitude for her and the community’s tremendous efforts. Its words also conveyed appreciation for the Shib Army’s collective contributions. They hinted at a larger vision for the decentralized community moving forward.

Willam Volk Reacts

The update caught the attention of William Volk, a gaming consultant associated with Shiba Inu, who expressed his excitement by saying, “I’m thrilled to be involved in something this cool.”


Volk’s remark served as a testament to the magnitude of the upcoming milestone. As someone with considerable experience in the gaming industry, Volk’s endorsement adds further credibility and excitement surrounding the SHIB project.

As the Shiba Inu community eagerly awaits the grand reveal of Ryoshi Plaza, it is observable that the ambitious project holds immense potential to captivate and engage users.

The Shiba Inu Metaverse team recently unveiled a trailer for the much-anticipated Rocket Pond project in a related development. The sneak peek for SHIB Rocket Pond was made accessible to enthusiasts last Wednesday, as reported by The Crypto Basic. Notably, the Rocket Pond is one of the eleven Shiba Inu hubs expected before the end of the year.

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