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Cardano Founder Wants to Make Peace With XRP Community


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Hoskinson shows interest in making peace with the XRP community amid SEC’s ongoing enforcement action.

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In the wake of SEC labeling ADA as a security, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has made a significant move towards allying with XRP community members.

In a surprising development, Hoskinson tweeted, “XRP community, peace?” The tweet suggests that the Cardano boss seeks peace with XRP enthusiasts after several months of hostilities between ADA and XRP communities.

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Hoskinson sought peace with the XRP community days after the United States Securities and Exchange Commission labeled ADA a security.

XRP Enthusiasts React

However, the tweet has sparked reactions among XRP enthusiasts. The comment section shows mixed reactions from XRP enthusiasts. Some supporters seem interested in making peace with Hoskinson to create a better defense against the SEC’s onslaught on the crypto market. However, others think the hostilities between XRP and ADA communities should continue.

Commenting on the development, Australian-based lawyer Bill Morgan said he doubts that a fraction of XRP community members is still angry with Hoskinson.

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According to Morgan, many XRP enthusiasts also hold ADA and are more concerned about the regulators’ ongoing onslaught on the US crypto market.


Meanwhile, a Twitter user with the pseudonym XRPcryptowolf asked whether XRP community members have stopped being conspiracy theorists because the SEC mentioned ADA as a security in its lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase. 

Interestingly, founder of Thinking Crypto Tony Edward suggested that Hoskinson should make peace with XRP holders on his show. According to Edward, the dispute started following Hoskinson’s statement on his podcast last year. 

Popular XRP-focused YouTuber Crypto Eri also suggested a meeting between Hoskinson and other respected members of the XRP community. She asked the Cardano founder to DM her for more details.


Dispute Between Hoskinson & XRP Enthusiasts 

For context, Hoskinson has been at loggerheads with XRP community members since last year. It is worth noting that XRP holders have been asserting that former director of SEC’s Corporation Finance William Hinman had a conflict of interest with Ethereum officials.

For many, this conflict of interest prompted Hinman to declare ETH as non-security in the famous Hinman speech. XRP enthusiasts also alleged that Hinman pushed for a lawsuit against Ripple due to his relationship with Ethereum.

Reacting to the speculation, Hoskinson described the claim as a “grand conspiracy.” as reported by The Crypto Basic.

“The XRP community tried to invent this grand conspiracy that there was blatant corruption between the insiders at the SEC and Ethereum. I don’t honestly think that that’s the issue here,” he said.

As expected, XRP enthusiasts slammed Hoskinson over his remark, thus leading to a war of words between ADA and XRP communities.

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