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Fox Journalist Spotlights Ripple Billboard Around SEC Headquarters


Ripple billboards at Union Station catch the crypto community’s attention, sparking curiosity, given Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC.

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In a surprising turn of events, Washington DC’s iconic Union Station has become the center of attention for the crypto community, particularly fans and followers of developments around the Silicon Valley company Ripple.

Eleanor Terrett, a Fox Business journalist, took to Twitter to highlight the presence of Ripple billboards at the iconic location, stirring up speculation and discussion within the crypto sphere.

Terrett’s tweet drew attention to the strategically placed billboard positioned directly across from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) office entrance. The Ripple billboard featured the compelling statement:

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“We’re building a better future for finance. Are you?”

The clever positioning has sparked curiosity among Ripple enthusiasts, who pondered the intentions and implications behind such a placement.

The journalist referenced her previous article, where she highlighted a prominent blue billboard from Ripple bearing the inscription “Crypto Means Business.”

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The fact that Ripple chose to promote its vision for a better future of finance in such a conspicuous manner, right across from the SEC headquarters, raises questions about the underlying motivations.

Pro-XRP Lawyer Says It’s Sheer Coincidence

John Deaton, a prominent legal advocate in the Ripple community, responded to Terrett’s tweet, seemingly dismissing any notions of intentionality. 

Deaton suggested that Ripple executives, including its Chief Legal Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Executive Officer – respectively, Stuart Alderoty, David Schwartz, and Brad Garlinghouse – were likely unaware of the billboard’s exact location, implying that it was merely a coincidence.

Notably, the presence of Ripple billboards in a prominent location like Union Station cannot be ignored, considering Ripple’s ongoing legal battles with the SEC. 

Ripple, a San Francisco-based technology company specializing in cross-border payments, has been embroiled in a lawsuit with the SEC since 2020 over the alleged sale of unregistered securities.

As reported by The Crypto Basic, it is worth noting that Ripple has been making significant strides in its legal battle, with the court allowing Ripple’s motion to compel the SEC to produce documents regarding its internal discussions about crypto.

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