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Pro-XRP Lawyer Wants to Represent Coinbase and Binance Customers in SEC Lawsuit


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Attorney Deaton has launched a Google Form to collect the details of Binance and Coinbase users.

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In the wake of SEC’s lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase, CryptoLaw founder attorney John Deaton is making moves to represent users of these exchanges in the capacity of amici curiae (a friend of the court) counsel. 

Deaton asserted that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission does not care about the interests of retail crypto holders. In addition, Deaton stated that he expects the two-largest crypto exchanges to look out for themselves without focusing directly on users.  

In a bid to directly represent customers’ interests, attorney Deaton shared a link to a Google form to collect the details of Binance and Coinbase users who would like to be represented in the SEC lawsuit.  

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“As I did in the Ripple case, I have a Google form to establish a putative class of customers and crypto account holders who use these platforms. If there’s interest, we can ask to participate and possibly be granted amicus status in an effort to make sure our voices are heard,” said Deaton. 

It is worth noting that Coinbase and Binance customers are required to provide information about their full names, emails, the date when they joined the trading platforms, etc. 

Deaton, who represents over 75K XRP holders as amici curiae counsel in the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit, assured these users that their details would not be shared with anyone. 

He clarified that the putative class has nothing to do with whether Binance and Coinbase violated federal securities laws via their offerings. Per Deaton, most people are tired of seeing the SEC “gaslight” the court and claiming that its enforcement actions against crypto businesses are meant to protect investors. 

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Furthermore, Deaton asked those unable to use the form to contact his office to have their details included in the list. 

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