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Can The Metaverse Make A Comeback? Decentraland, The Sandbox, Tradecurve


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The announcement of Apples XR has the metaverse community extremely excited. Projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox are making a comeback with trading volume doubling overnight.

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While their prices have been disrupted by the recent SEC lawsuits, investors remain extremely positive. At the same time, Tradecurve has experienced a 50% price increase and is preparing for another surge in the next two weeks.

The Sandbox Trading Volume Triples Overnight

The Sandbox has experienced a huge surge in trading activity following the announcement of the Apple XR. In 24 hours daily trading volume increased from $120 million to $366,602,107 as many investors anticipated a price increase.

However, The Sandbox is yet to increase in price. In the last five days The Sandbox has decreased in price by 11.46% to $0.4969, though daily trading volume remains extremely high.

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With over 2 million active players, The Sandbox could grow exponentially if it can successfully capitalize on the release of Apple XR. This release would make accessing The Sandbox significantly easier, driving up the value of SAND tokens in the process.

While it’s hard to predict how The Sandbox will perform over the next few weeks, it has huge long term potential. As a result, The Sandbox is now being considered one of the highest potential projects in the market.

Could Decentraland Use Apple’s XR To Become A Top Metaverse World?

Decentraland (MANA) has a smaller player base than The Sandbox with around 300,000 users. However, many analysts believe that Decentraland could offer higher returns in 2023. Earlier in the year Decentraland launched several new features as part of its metaverse world and also hosted one of the first metaverse afterparties for International Fashion week. In the process, Decentraland gained international attention and attracted thousands of new users.

That being said, Decentraland may not be the best investment for investors thinking short term. In the past five days Decentraland has decreased in value by 10.83%, with one MANA token trading at $0.4311 at the time of writing.

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Tradecurve Investors Expect A Price Surge In June

Tradecurve is on track to become one of the DeFi markets best selling projects, attracting thousands of investors in just a few months. Since increasing in value by 50%, Tradecurve has already sold an additional 38 million TCRV tokens and 51% of its latest presale stage is sold out.

Tradecurve is a unique project that combines the best of DeFi and centralized exchanges in a hybrid alternative. Its platform is fully decentralized and lets investors tap into the traditional stock market using cryptocurrency as collateral.

To get started, investors can simply input their email, after which they can connect their wallets and trade anonymously.

The Tradecurve platform will also feature leverage of 500:1, copy trading, AI and algorithmic trading opportunities and a metaverse trading academy to help traders build their knowledge base.

3 months post launch Tradecurve hopes to attract 100,000 users and quickly become a top exchange in just a few years. Given the turbulence of the current market, the project is in a great position to do so.

To get involved, TCRV tokens can be purchased on the official Tradecurve website, with one token selling at $0.015.

For more information about $TCRV presale tokens:

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