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Cardano Founder Reacts as IOG’s Lace Wallet Adds Support for Major Browser


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Lace, a light wallet developed by Input Output Global, has expanded to provide support for Brave browser, prompting a reaction from Cardano founder.

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Less than two months after its release, Lace, a notable light wallet developed by Input Output Global (IOG), has now expanded to provide support for Brave, a prominent web browser. The development has elicited the reaction of Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and IOG.

“Brave Support for Lace!” Hoskinson exclaimed in obvious excitement in a tweet today. 

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Hoskinson’s remark came as a direct response to the official announcement from Lace. The team behind the wallet confirmed today that it has expanded Lace v1.1.1 to include support for the Brace browser. Consequently, users now have the opportunity to install a Lace extension on their Brave browser on mobile, Mac or PC.

Being a light wallet, Lace does not feature the full node capabilities of a traditional crypto wallet. Rather, it can be used as an extension on supported web browsers and leveraged to access Cardano. Lace allows users to manage their digital assets, gain access to DeFi protocols and NFTs, and connect to dApps.

Notably, the wallet’s initial release, version 1.0, came with support for Chrome browser, allowing users to add it as an extension on their Chrome. The recent development extends this support, bringing the total number of supported browsers to two.

However, prior to the announcement, users attested to having used their Lace extension on Brave before the Lace team enabled support for the browser. Nonetheless, it is likely that the dedicated support for Brave is aimed at addressing any potential compatibility issues for the browser.

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The Cardano-based Lace Wallet

Released on the mainnet in April, Lace is the first light wallet from IOG and represents the organization’s push to make Web3 easily accessible to the public. MeshSDK, a Cardano-based open-source development library, added support for Lace last month. This move enabled all apps built using Mesh to allow the integration of Lace.

Input Output Global has confirmed that it will continue to push updates to Lace in the future. These updates will introduce multiple features to enhance user experience, including fiat-to-crypto on-ramp and the ability to swap tokens within the wallet.

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